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Hi, Your My Island Jamaica Digest, Issue #006!
October 31, 2007
Welcome to our sixth publication!

Issue #6: October 2007



Did you Know?

Insightful and interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

The Latest from Jamaica!

  1. Rain, Rain, & More Rains
  2. The Future of Air Jamaica
  3. Sweet Deals to Jamaica!

The Latest on!

  1. The 'What's Hot?' box!
  2. The Social Bookmarking Feature and...
  3. bet, more captivating pages!


  1. Create a Page!
  2. What's New?
  3. Another Great Internet Business Idea!
  4. My Top 3 Affiliate Programs!





Oh, how time flies-especially when you are having fun! Can you believe that this is already the sixth (6th) issue of this newsletter?

That means six months since I actually start publishing this free ezine to you and others who had signed up.

Lots of exciting stuff this time around too, so.... ...Lets get started!


Did you Know?


  • ...that Jamaica was the only country in the world that considered the fruit of the Ackee edible?

  • ...that Jamaica produces the widest variety of rums in the world?

  • ...that Jamaica has one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the western hemisphere?

Now you know.

Get the entire collection of Intriguing facts about Jamaica here


The Latest from Jamaica!


Rain, Rain, & More Rains

In only a few weeks the 2007 hurricane season will be history. But although we didn't get many scares from the winds this time around, we had lots of water, and the last few days was a good example.

This time, tropical storm Noel is the culprit.

More in this Gleaner Article.

The future of Air Jamaica
The JLP government is quite upset with the deal brokered with Virgin Atlantic.

A top level meeting was scheduled to be held today to discuss the future of Air Jamaica. Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Transport Minister Mike Henry, representatives of the Finance Ministry as well as airline officials were expected to be in attendance.

Mr. Henry says among the issues to be discussed are the controversial sale of the London route and the proposed privatisation of the airline. Stay tuned!

Sweet Deals to come to Jamaica!

A friend of mine alerted me to this one. Budget Travel has put together a 'real deal' package that includes: Round-trip airfare, five nights' accommodations, transfers, and all meals and drinks from $699 per person plus taxes of about $81. More on it here.

Keep on top of the latest from Jamaica here


The Latest on


The 'What's Hot?' box!

If you have visited the site anytime during the course of this week, you would have seen the all new 'What's Hot?' box on the homepage!

As the name implies, it will keep you up to date with the latest discussions that are taking place on the site. Persons who wishing to participate will be able to type their comments and it will be published, in real time, live on a webpage!

As I type this there is a discussion going on about Legalizing Marijuana in Jamaica. Go over and submit your own view! It's fun!

Here is one of the latest comments -live on the web! Kudos to Mr. Francis.

The Social Bookmarking Feature

If you are a true internet fanatic, you probably would be familiar with this.

This is a relatively new and exciting way to bookmark a site [instead of 'Add to favourites']. You will see the little icons/button on the bottom of my homepage as well as on my Blog Page! Check them out.

It is new to me, but I like the features.

You can learn more about Social Bookmarking here!

More captivating pages...

You should probably know by now that I don't stop creating pages right? :-)

Here are some of the latest additions!




  • Create a Page!
    This is exiting stuff!

    I have employed a new set of tools I got from SBI, my web host, that now allows you and other special visitors to share your views in real time. And guess what, a live webpage is created-by you!

    Right now, there are 3 excellent opportunities where you to jump in and share your views:

    1. What's Your favourite Attraction/Place in Jamaica
    2. The Best Cheap Hotels in Jamaica &
    3. Should Marijuana be Legal in Jamaica?

    Go ahead and add value to the internet partner! I am looking for the email to tell me you just submitted a page OK?

  • What's New?
    The blog delivers to you the latest and greatest changes or additions to the site.

    Actually, it has always been there but not many persons knew the value it provides. So, for those who didn't already know, there is no need for you to 'guess' what's new on the site anymore;

    Just look for the What's New? button on the top on the navigation bar!

    Or use this link

  • Another Great Internet Business Idea!

    How may times have you heard of someone wanting to do something own their own? Something to supplement their income? Wanting to own their own business?

    At least a few times right? Well, scores of persons are moving to the internet to make this happen. Unfortunately, many are discouraged from their initial efforts because they lack the know how.

    Like everything else in life, there is a wrong way and a right way, and in online terms we say- the best way!

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  • Intriguing Facts about Jamaica Book

    If you subscribed to this newsletter something during October then you would have missed the launch of my exciting new eBook; 101 Intriguing facts about Jamaica.

    Never mind though, all is not lost, you can Take a peek at it here

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