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Hi, Your My Island Jamaica Digest, Issue #004!-
August 31, 2007
Welcome to our fourth publication!

Issue #4:August 2007


Did you Know?

Insightful and Interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

The Latest from Jamaica!

  1. New Date for General Elections
  2. Hurricane Dean Strikes
  3. Jamaica Shines at World Championships in OSAKA, Japan

The Latest on!

  1. Bob Marley Music Video
  2. The Best Attraction in Jamaica
  3. More captivating pages


  1. The Best Home Based Business
  2. Facts about Jamaica Ebook!
  3. Affiliate Tips



Did you Know?


  • ...that Jamaicans first spoke to their relatives overseas (US, England, Canada, Mexico and Cuba) by telelphone in the year 1936? This was as a result of the inauguration of the radio-telephone service.

  • ...that Jamaica has the highest population of cellular phone penetration per capita in the world?

  • ...that Jamaica's National Anthem is the only anthem in the world that is a prayer? Here is it

Well, now you know?


The Latest from Jamaica!


New Date for General Elections
I had promised you that this edition of MIJD would be giving the results of the general elections right?

Well, not quite so. Nature had other ideas (see 'Hurricane Dean Stikes' below) and we were forced to postpone it. The magic date is now September 3.

The feeling now (from reports last night) is that the Jamaica Labour Party may be edging slightly ahead, but we all know that many things can happen between now and Monday, September 3. Stay tuned!

By the way, if you have not yet done so, subscribe to the MIJD blog now and get the latest addition- as soon as I post it! Visit my Jamaica Blog page for more.

Hurricane Dean Strikes
The dangerous Category 4 hurricane, DEAN, thankfully passed south of the island, but not before some serious damage to the south-east. Dean caused great

damage in that area, particulary in St. Thomas- the hardest hit, and areas of Kingston. Visit my page on hurricane Dean here for a summary as well as pictures of some of the damage done.

Jamaica shines at World Championships in OSAKA, Japan!

Jamaica continues to haul in the medals at the world championships today. [Oh, how we love athletics]

The latest additions to the net came from quarter-miler Novlene Williams and sprint hurdler Delloreen Ennis-London who both secured bronze medals on the fourth day of competition and from Usain Bolt who secured a silver in the 200 meters yesterday at the 11th IAAF World Championships at the Nagai Stadium.

Don't forget to check out my Sports in Jamaica page for more on our sports here.


The Latest on


Bob Marley Music Video
If you go to my Bob Marley page now, you will see a grahic. Simply click on the 'play' button and watch one the the most adored songs of the celebrated king of Reggae Music.

The Best Attraction in Jamaica

Actually, I want you to decide.

I have added a cute little module so YOU can share with the world your favourite attraction or destination here in Jamaica.

I already presented you My Top 5 here but I am pretty sure many of my visitors, including you, may have other ideas.

Click here to tell us about it. Go ahead and do it now!

More captivating pages... bet. Even when I am tired, I build webpages. Ironically, its helps to keep my mind together!




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  • Facts about Jamaica Ebook!
    Last month, I asked you to help me decide, and now I am elated to tell you that my 101 'did you know' facts about Jamaica is almost complete! It will be fully up by the next issue of the newsletter. The draft is out and I am getting some rave reviews. Stay close to the action buddy!

  • Affiliate Tips
    If you haven't read them as yet, take a look now. The truth is affiliate marketing can be a gold mine but you need to be careful.


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