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Hi, Your My Island Jamaica Digest, Issue #002!-
June 30, 2007
Welcome to our second Publication!

Issue #2:June 2007


Did you Know?

Insightful and Interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

The Latest from Jamaica!

  1. Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) voted best in the world
  2. General elections fever heightens
  3. Real Madrid to help build Jamaica football academy

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Did you Know?

  • ...that Damian Marley reggae single "jamrock" came about as an accident? It was originally suppose to be part of a mix tape a collaboration with some US based rappers and because of delays he and Stephen Marley recorded it for local release and now it is one of the biggest hits in Jamaica. Visit my Reggae Music page for a background to our homegrown music. (

  • ...that the Economy of Jamaica was given a boost after the discovery in the 1940s of bauxite, an aluminium ore? Visit my Interesting Facts on Jamaica page for a more cool Jamaica facts.

  • ...that The culinary style known as "Jamaican jerk" refers to the Jamaican method of cooking meat, seasoned with pimento (allspice) over an open fire?

    This barbecue style goes back more than 1,200 years to when the Taino Arawak Indians, the island's original inhabitants, used chilies, spices and garlic to rub into their meat and cook it slowly over a hot, wooden grate known as a barbakoa. You can learn a little more about our food on my Jamaican Food page. (


    The Latest from Jamaica!


    Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) voted best in the world
    More than 4,000 Canadian travel agents voted the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) as the best of its kind across the world.

    The findings were announced by Edith Baxter, editor-in-chief of the Canadian-based Baxter Travel Media, which presents the Agents Choice Awards to destinations and tourism entities for excellent performance, as deemed in the Canadian travel market.

    Baxter made the announcement at the Sandals Island in Montego Bay on Monday evening at a reception attended by regional and international media.

    General elections fever heightens
    Our general elections are constitutionally due by October this year and this month has seen an increase in the political temperature and expectation on the ground. There are already advertisments with charges and countercharges.

    As it is now, the two major political parties are still relatively neck and neck in the race- based on the polls. Interesting days ahead, stay tuned.

    Real Madrid to help build Jamaica football academy
    According to the Associated Press, nine-time European club champion Real Madrid intends to help build a training academy for youngsters in (Rose Hall) western Jamaican, a team official said.

    The academy will focus on children 7-to-15 years old, according to Carlos Abella, director general of the Real Madrid Foundation. He said much of the money to build the facility will come from several Spanish companies, including Iberostar, one of the newest spanish hotels in Jamaica.

    More about Jamaica's football on my Football in Jamaica page.


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    I am also publishing those questions that I think can be of benefit to other visitors like you.

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    Over the last few weeks, I have gotten some requests from other website owners to exchange links. This of course, is a great idea. I have therefore dedicated a page for this purpose. See my link exchange page here



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