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Hi, Your My Island Jamaica Digest, Issue #003!-
July 30, 2007
Welcome to our third publication!

Issue #3:July 2007


Did you Know?

Insightful and Interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

The Latest from Jamaica!

  1. General elections fever pitches
  2. Jamaica launches new tourism portal
  3. Jamaica shines (again) at Panam Games!

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Did you Know?


  • ...that Port Royal in Jamaica, once known as the “wickedest city on earth” and as a wealthy haven for pirates, was devastated by an earthquake on June 7,1692?

    Much of the thriving, densely populated community was destroyed. Port Royal was rebuilt and served as a British naval station in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, it is a small fishing town and tourist destination.

  • ...that Sir Henry Morgan, the most famous buccaneer and a man who reportedly enjoyed spending time in the rum shops and taverns of Port Royal, Jamaica, has a brand of rum named for him?

    The Seagram Company first started making Captain Morgan rum in Jamaica in 1944. Today, the brand is produced by the Diageo Corporation, the world’s biggest beer, wine and spirits company, whose other brands include Guinness, Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker.(source:

  • ...that as of April 2006, a record 13 female heads of state were in power around the world?

    These included Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who took office in January as Liberia's president, becoming Africa's first female head of state; Michelle Bachelet, inaugurated on March 11 as the first female president of Chile; and Portia Simpson Miller, who became the first female prime minister of Jamaica on March 30.

  • ...that Jamaica has 120 rivers?

    Even More interesting facts on Jamaica here


    The Latest from Jamaica!


    General elections fever pitches
    The election date is set for August 27 [two days before my birthday!] while nomination is August 7, but the tension is already gripping.

    Many of us just want it to get over and done with, but we have to wait a few more weeks. Polls are still predicting it to be a neck to neck between the ruling People's National Party (PNP) and the main opposition, th Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

    The next time I send out another publication you will see the results!

    Jamaica launches new tourism portal
    A new information portal giving a comprehensive insight into Jamaica’s tourist industry has been launched by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB). The Tourism Information Publishing Site (TIPS) is available on jtbonline dot org. (replace 'dot' with '.')

    The website is full of images, information, and statistics, in spreadsheet and graphic format.

    Although it has been set up primarily for Jamaica’s stakeholders and interested media, it has been designed in a particularly user-friendly format to appeal to members of the public too.

    Jamaica shines (again) at Panam Games

    The nine-medal haul increased the nation's overall tally to 113 medals - 21 gold, 33 silver and 59 bronze - in the 56-year history of the games, which was inaugurated in 1951 in Argentina.

    As is customary, track and field was responsible for the bulk of the medals as the women's sprint relay team, decathlete Maurice Smith and sprint hurdler Delloreen Ennis-London won gold, while shot putter Dorian Scott, 400-metre hurdler Nickeisha Wilson and 200-metre sprinters Sherri-Ann Brooks and Marvin Anderson grabbed silver medals.

    In boxing we secured one bronze, a silver in men's football and three gold and four silver in track and field. The performance of the football team was phenomenal, we created history by beating some of the world's giants including Argentina and Mexico to reach the final.

    However, Rodney, Chef de Mission, said that the experience gained by athletes in the other seven sports - tennis, swimming, taekwondo, equestrian, basketball, cycling and badminton - are priceless in terms of growth for future tournaments.

    Learn more about Sports in Jamaica and Football in Jamaica on my Sports in Jamaica page.


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    Our own favicon
    I have created a nice little favicon for It is a small picture of a coconut tree.

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    Favourites on Main Page

    If you go to The Homepage right now, you will see a line of featured pages. These represent some of the best I have written and also the most visited by other visitors like yourself.

    The Pictures of Jamaica page is one such.

    Even More Insightful Pages

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    Currency Converter
    I have edited one of my favourite pages, the currency of Jamaica page to include the popular Currency Converter.

    Get the latest exchange rate or value of the Jamaican Dollar here. Here is the page

    Affiliate Tips
    With plenty of research and a little of my own experience, I have put together some affiliate Tips for you and my other visitors.

    Although not comprehensive, it guides you on some of the key things you need to look for before delving into affiliate programs online to make money. Take a look at the Affiliate Tips here

    Your help
    I need your help. I mentioned to you that I am putting together a e-book on Jamaica right. I have two ideas:

    1. A tourist a question an answer format and
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    I have actually started working on number 1, but it struk me that number 2 could be even more insightful and profitable as well. What do you think?

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