How to Increase Your Website Rankings
With High Quality Deep Links!

Increase you website ranking with Deep Links !

It is well established that Search Engines (SEs) devalue links from pages with over 5 links (link farms) - that's over 95% of all link exchange pages!

What SEs are actually looking for are serious recommendation for one website to another.

So...Why waste time building links that fail to provide value to your readers, or increased your page rank?

According to Dr. Ken from Solo Build It.

"Deep linking is an important way to improve specific rankings for specific important pages.

It's really all about building your site's reputation so that... you get found at the Search Engines for more and more words.

Develop inbound links ethically and with diversification (from different quality link sources).

Remember that, eventually, the weight of good content drives tons of off-page criteria, which the Search Engines use to rank your site."

It is said that a single solid deep link from a page with 5 or less links, can make a ranking difference to your site, and offer webmasters the opportunity to secure page-rank-increasing deep links with relative ease!

Here's how...

Write a short article - or long if you prefer - that offers ideas, tips, and hints about Travel Planning as it relates to YOUR website.

It's easy!

Here the Deep Links Article Outline

  • Focus on Travel Planning Tips as they relate to YOUR site. The more on topic your article the higher SEs will rank your link;

  • Select a high value "Travel Planning" keyword to match the theme of your article, and use it appropriately throughout your article.

  • Include a good, colorful picture with your article. Remember, pictures are content too, and this may be the first impression a reader has of your site, so make it a good one;

  • Rank higher with SEs: The more relevant your article the better the reader comments will be, the more your article will stand out, the higher your article will be rated, and the better your link will be promoted.

Action Needed

Do not use HTML, but please include the URL of the page you wish your article to link back to (in brackets) after the appropriate page keyword in your article- we will activate the link on approval.

Create the reciprocal link to us from a Travel or Vacation related page on YOUR website using the keywords "travel planning" ideas, articles or tips, and link to...

OR use the keywords "jamaica travel" and link to...

Include a note as the last line of your article advising us where on YOUR website we can find our reciprocal link.

I'll publish it with an active link.

Please submit only original Articles!

The search engines heavily discount duplicate content, consequently the value of your link will be discounted. I'll remove duplicate articles along with their link.

In just a few minutes you will create more value for YOUR website than you would if you had added links from 20 traditional link pages.

[Here is an example submission]

Imagine the time saved and the impact to your site!

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