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14 Must Visit Places in Jamaica by Parish

by Deon Clarke | Associate Writer

Travelling allows you to experience different people, cultures and places, especially those that are renowned. It gives a special thrill to be able to say, “I’ve been there!” Right? There are many “I’ve –been- there” locations across Jamaica's 14 parishes. I’m sharing them with you so you can boldly say, “I’ve been there!” The next time someone mentions it.

Clarendon - The Milk River Bath

The Milk River Bath is a mineral spa famous for the therapeutic value of its waters. Here you will find some of the most radioactive waters in the entire world. Generally, the waters have a consistent temperature of 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year and contain high levels of calcium, magnesium, natural chloride, and sulphate.

The healing mineral waters flow directly from a rock source and are especially recommended for use by those with ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and nerve complaints. You will find that these waters are so hot and radioactive that visitors are forewarned not to stay in for longer than ten to twenty minutes at a time, and not to take more than three baths for the day.

Hanover – Fort Charlotte

At the very entrance to Lucea Harbour, you will find the very well-kept eighteenth century Fort Charlotte named in 1778 to honour George II’s, Queen Charlotte. This fort, constructed in 1745 was originally named Lucea Fort. It was built in defence of the Lucea Harbour and stands on a peninsula that overlooks the sea channel. In 1862, the English war office transferred the barracks and Fort Charlotte as a gift to the Executive Committee of Jamaica.

The Lucea Harbour is considered to be one of the safest and best on the island. During Hurricane Charlie (1951), small ships from Kingston and Montego Bay sought refuge there. Now, it is almost completely cut off from the sea, the only connection being a narrow channel at its entrance.

Kingston – Port Royal

Port Royal can be considered as an archaeological gold mine, literally filled with pieces of history that tell of everyday life in the earliest days of English settlement- privateers, pirates, and merchants. At one point, this city was reputed to be the “richest and wickedest” in the world. Plagued with major earthquakes, hurricanes and diseases, most of this once great city is now submerged underwater, and what remains is now a simple fishing village with historical roots.

Manchester – Bloomfield Great House

The Bloomfield Great House is a 200-year-old Georgian-style coffee plantation main house that was built many years before the town of Mandeville was even formed in 1838. It was renovated in 1997, and now boasts a fine dining restaurant offering a host of local and international cuisines. It also offers a spectacular view of the town of Mandeville, and occasionally hosts art exhibitions and live music concerts.

Portland – The Blue Mountain Peak and Boston Jerk Centre

I’m not being biased here in listing two locations but the Blue Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in Jamaica and also one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean. It stands at 2,256 metres and is the home of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, one of the best in the world. It borders the parishes of Portland and St. Thomas. It is a popular site for a great hiking and camping experience.

The Boston Jerk Centre.
I just had to mention this one. You can’t go to Portland and not visit the Boston Jerk Centre to get a taste of the well-seasoned organic based, succulent jerk pork and chicken. With 7 Jerk pits, there is no shortage of your favourite jerks accompanied by natural juices for a delectable, authentic, Jamaican meal.

Trelawny – Luminous Lagoon or Glistening Waters

Stretched along the marshlands of Trelawny from the small community of Rock to the town of Falmouth, you will find this wonder of nature – the Luminous Lagoon. It is the home to millions of dinoflagellates. Due to this phenomenon, you will find that at night, the waters of the lagoon sparkles and glistens when it is disturbed as these microscopic organisms produce a strange glow, that also reflects the outlines of fish and other objects in the water. The Luminous Lagoon is considered to be the largest and most brilliant of four in the world. Based on this awesome fact, scientists and visitors from all over the world continue to be drawn to this amazing location. Nightly tours can be arranged and delicious meals are also available at the Glistening Waters Restaurant.

Westmoreland - Long Bay Beach Park

Situated along the famous seven-mile white sand beach stretch in Negril you will find the Long Bay Beach Park. The park meanders along a 10-acre shoreline, creating a clean, public beach for both locals and visitors. It’s a great place to chill and soak up some sun. The beach is open daily from 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

St. Andrew – The Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum was purposely built and dedicated as the home of reggae, celebrating the works of artistes such as Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and the legend of reggae music - Bob Marley. If you are into reggae music and its history, then request a guided tour to get firsthand knowledge.

St. Ann – Dunn’s River Falls

The world-famous Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s national treasures. It sits about 180ft (55m) high and 600 ft (180 m) long. The cascading waterfalls are terraced by giant natural stair-like rock formations with a few man-made modifications. Several small lagoons are interspersed among the vertical sections of the falls, which empties into the Caribbean Sea at the western end of an attractive white-sand beach. Climbing the waterfalls is a popular activity and is often, done with the assistance of tour guides. There are also meandering stairs, alongside the falls, for those who do not want to get wet or are challenged by the rocky and uneven terrain of the actual waterfall.

St. Catherine – Hellshire Beach

You cannot visit St. Catherine and not visit the famous Hellshire Beach. Located near Portmore, Hellshire Beach is famed for its sumptuous fried fish done to order and safe swimming areas. This popular public beach is conveniently located for the Portmore residents and visitors from just about anywhere who want to partake in the festivities. Weekends are very busy here.

St. Elizabeth – Lover’s Leap

If you love romance, intrigue, and history, then Lover’s Leap is a must-visit for you. Here you will find a spectacular, majestic view of the ocean, almost like you can fall right into it.

Legend has it that Master "Chardley" took a liking to Mizzie, a slave girl and because he wanted her for himself, he arranged for her lover Tunkey to be sold. The two lovers discovered the plot and not wanting to be separated, they ran away but were found and chased to the edge of a cliff. To avoid being caught and separated, the two chose instead to jump together over the cliff.

St. James – The Rose Hall Great House

If you are a mystery lover, ghost hunter or just love haunted houses you must check this one out.

The Rose Hall Great House of 19th-century Georgian architecture stands tall in St. James! You can immerse yourself in its rich heritage as your expert guide shares the story of this colonial relic which was restored to its former glory in the 1960’s.

The fascinating tale of Annie Palmer, the famed White Witch of Rose Hall who poisoned her husbands and slave lovers is sure to pique your interest. She haunts the house to this day, or so they say. The grounds also boast lush gardens and a restaurant.

For an even spookier experience book the night tour!

St. Mary – Golden Eye

Golden Eye, is the house where the famous writer Ian Flemming wrote the James Bond series. It shares the name with the 17th instalment in the James Bond series GoldenEye. This developed luxury resort is a must visit for tourists who wish to experience some sun along the private beaches or just enjoy nature at its best in its lush tropical gardens.

St. Thomas - Bath Mineral Spring

The Bath Mineral Spa or Springs which is said to have been discovered by a run-a-way slave in the 1690s, is famous for its therapeutic and healing properties. When he discovered that the waters of the mineral spring had healed his wounds that had plagued him for years, he decided to return to his master to tell him the good news regardless of the possible consequences. Its healing properties are credited to the mineral deposits from the springs.

This is just another one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures.

Wow, so many interesting places to visit in Jamaica! And before you tell me that I’m missing a lot more, Yes, I know, but I could only choose fourteen. Jamaica is blessed with so many fascinating places, it would take a book to tell you about them all. So let’s just enjoy these for now. Can you check all of these on your list?

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