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40 Plus Years Selling Jamaican SKY JUICE (SnowCone) & Loving It | Jamaican Traditions


There's nothing more refreshing than a cool sky juice (aka snowcone) on a hot Jamaican day.

Well, let me take modify that a bit; it was true back then, we had them at the school or school gate, at parties and at fairs, but the iconic community sky juice vendor with his cart is rarely seen these days.

But there is one gentleman who still carry this Jamaican tradition; his name is Everton, and he peddles in and around the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay.

I had a brief chat with him and was quite inspired; he has been doing this for OVER 40 YEARS - ever since he left school and is still loving it.

I quizzed him about what he likes about his job; his response, 'The Independence'. He noted that he works whenever he wants to and there is absolutely no stress!

Oh, and by the way, the ginger beer is his own product!

My takeaway from that (both for myself and you) is this... do what you love and you will love what you do!.

Anyway back to Everton :-)


"What's the hardest part about this job?", I asked him. To my surprise he responded, 'pushing the cart',

That was very quite interesting to me :-)

And yes, I did asked him my signature interview question, 'What's makes Jamaica Special?" Wanna guess his answer?

Oh yes, after a smile and grin.. it's the PEOPLE, he said! Over 80% of respondents, by the way, says that!

And guess what? I have the entire interview on a YouTube video for you!

For some of us, this is nostalgic, for others, this is great learning about our culture and tradition.

Here is the YouTube video:

As usual, I welcome your feedback below.


Comments for 40 Plus Years Selling Jamaican SKY JUICE (SnowCone) & Loving It | Jamaican Traditions

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Sep 18, 2020
by: Albert Symonds

I really like this story brother Wellesley. This is something I personally find really interesting and I would much appreciate if you could send me all the articles, recipes of SKY JUICE so that I wanted to try out here in Papua New Guinea.

Yes, thank you so much for directing this topic to myself, anyway.


Sep 12, 2020
by: joe morley

Miss the island and the people! Might he add some rum to one of these juices?

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