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Jamaican Resorts With Butler Services
Vacation In Ultimate Luxury

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Jamaican Resorts With Butler Services | Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalows (Photo Credit: Resorts With Butler Services | Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalows (Photo Credit:

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

I don’t know about you, but when I dream of the ultimate luxurious vacation experience, I dream of laying around whenever I want to without ever needing to do anything. To have someone cater to my every single need while I just get to eat, drink, explore and be pampered.
The only way to truly achieve this experience, if you are staying at a resort, is to choose one that has suites that come with butler services.

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Jamaican resorts with butler services feel much more luxurious as they include perks that you probably hadn’t thought of before. They will handle your luggage, make arrangements for dinner, shine your shoes, and ensure breakfast is ready when you need it.

It doesn’t stop there, the list goes on, you won’t even have to worry about pouring your own drink. Butlers handle all the minor details that you probably never considered before arriving at the resort.

So of if your destination is here in Jamaica, you will need to know the Jamaican resorts with butler services. Here are some of them and what you can expect from their butler service:

1. Sandals Royal Caribbean

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you will be treated like a celebrity with a private BMW Luxury pickup. You will be greeted with lemongrass-scented hand towels, welcome beverages and gourmet goodies upon arrival at the hotel.

You will be assigned a personal butler who will check you in, arrange your luggage and offer to unload it for you. The butler will provide you with a cell phone so that you may contact them when necessary.

Your tour reservations, excursions, spa treatments, and dinner reservations will be handled as well. When dinnertime arrives, you'll be escorted to a reserved and tastefully decorated table at your preferred restaurant.

They can even prepare a bath for you with rose petals and bubbles if you desire. When it's time to depart, the butler will help you to pack your luggage and organize transportation back to the airport.

On the day of your departure, they will check that all of your baggage is ready, prepare your papers for check out, and take you to your mode of transportation.

2. Azul Beach Resort

Its individualized service seeks to gratify, bringing your experience to a new level. Your butler will first assist you in unpacking your bags as soon as you arrive. Rest assured that for whatever you need, your butler will be only a phone call away.

To make your stay as stress-free as possible, they can also draw a bath, and organise scuba diving excursions, tour activities, and dinner reservations. When booking the Presidential Suite or the Swim-Up Suite, guests will have the option of adding pool or beach service to their stay, as well as the option of a full-service experience.

Even the tiniest guests will have demands, so a baby butler service will equip your room and check you in according to the wishes of the parents.

3. Grand Lido Negril

Here at this adult-only resort, luxurious pampering is the standard and the butlers will go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is unforgettable. Your butler will meet you in the lobby and proudly escort you and your bags to your room for a personalized check-in. They will then assess whether you require assistance with unpacking, folding, or hanging your things.

It's all about the little things, so they'll shine your shoes, send fresh fruits every day, make sure your ice is replenished, your minibar is supplied and your laundry is done (if you want it to be).

You will be provided with a cellphone to easily contact your butler to set appointments, tour excursions, and dinner reservations. They will be right by your side as you relax by the pool or beach, replenishing your cocktails and serving you hors d’oeuvres. When it's time to leave, your butler will help you pack, give you a private check out, and escort you to your waiting vehicle.

4. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

Jamaican Resorts With Butler Suites | Breathless Master Suite PatioJamaican Resorts With Butler Suites | Breathless Master Suite Patio (

Luxury has never been more personalized than at this all-inclusive, adults-only resort which offers top-of-the-line butler service. From private check-in and checkout to your telephone that will allow you to communicate with your butler at all times, you will be in for quite a treat. They will help with small tasks like unpacking, ironing, and even restocking your mini-bar.

The butler will also offer a variety of tailored services and will gladly assist you with any meal bookings or appointments you may need to make. Your butler will be right by your side through the duration of your stay.

5. Secrets St. James

As you arrive and settle, your butler will offer to unpack your luggage, shine or clean your shoes for dinner, and press your first suit. They can also take you on a private tour and full orientation of the property.

Of course, they will also ensure that your room is kept in perfect condition and according to your preference during your stay,  tend to your wardrobe, liaise with housekeeping with re-servicing, and collect and return your laundry. All tour bookings, on property activities and spa treatments, can be arranged by them, as well as all dinner arrangements.

When you’re ready for a day of fun and adventure a cooler will be prepared and stocked with your favourite beverages. They’ll be happy to reserve chairs or loungers on the beach or even on the pool deck, as well as refresh you with drinks and serve you lunch.

During the evenings, your butler can assist you with amenities or any special requests before dinner, then properly escort you to dinner where a beautifully decorated table will be waiting in the restaurant of choice, with your preferred seating.

As your day wraps up, they will ensure that your suite is turned down differently each night. Right before you depart, the butler will arrange all transportation back to the airport, provide you with check-out information, and then help you fold your clothes and pack your bags.

On departure day, they will make sure your bags are brought to the departure area, make sure your paperwork is expedited for check-out then escort you to your transport and wish you a fond farewell.

6. Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa

You'll be met with a fresh, perfumed towel and a welcome cocktail when you arrive after your probably long flight. Your butler will then take you to your suite and deliver your baggage, as well as unpacking if necessary.

They will then give you a resort orientation before assisting you with any personal accommodations requests you may have. They'll also provide you with a phone number to call them and offer to iron your first night's outfit. All spa appointments, trips, excursions, as well as dinner reservations, can be made through them as well.

Fast track room service orders, shining shoes, arranging laundry service, and a nightly turndown service are all part of their responsibilities. They'll be right there to serve tropical drinks and meals when you're relaxing on the beach.

The butler will coordinate your transportation to the airport, assist you with packing and checking out, and then take you out to your mode of transportation at departure time.

Trust me, to have all your needs taken care of and then some, you'll have to pick a Jamaican resorts with butler services. All you will have to do, is focus on enjoying your luxurious vacation.

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