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Anique Morris || Jamaican Gospel Artiste With Big Dreams (Interview)

Humble beginnings, but a powerful voice with BIG dreams! Join us in this exclusive interview with Anique Morris, Rising Jamaican Gospel Artiste Who Wants To Be The Next Shirley Ceasar!


You would have heard me, over and over, trumpeting my passion and belief in this country right?

I fervently believe that despite regardless of the fact that our natural attractions, food and culture is the envy of many across the globe, our people is what makes Jamaica what it is.

Our rich blend of creativity, passion, friendliness and abundant of talents are found nowhere else on earth!

And today, I am excited to share with you a special interview with one of the young, talented and brilliant minds of Jamaica land we love; a family friend and budding rising star, Anique Morris!

Enjoy the interview :-)

Hi Anique, welcome, and thanks for the opportunity to share a bit more about yourself with my readers.

  1. You are a rare gem, with loads of vocal talent. For persons who have no idea who you are, please introduce yourself to them.

    Hi, Iโ€™m Anique Morris, Gospel Minister. I love the Lord and love working for him, as he has done so much for me.

    Iโ€™m from a musical family; two of my siblings also pursued music. My sister, Anna Mariah (2015 Digicel Rising Star Third Place Winner) & my brother, Sparoblaxx.

    Iโ€™m currently enrolled in the Sam Sharpe Teachers College heading into my third year pursuing my B.Ed in School Counseling.

  2. You represent a vast number of youth with diverse talents here in Jamaica.

    How were you found? Where did it all start? When did you realized that you could sing?

    Music for me really started in Grade 2, when I started attending festivals representing The Corinaldi Ave Primary school.

    My first festival song was One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston and that was a big song for a Grade 2 student!

    Everyone was shocked when they realized how smooth and powerful the delivery was. From there on I realized I could really sing!

    I kept developing my talent and I got even more exposed when I became the founding member of The Singing Jewels vocal group.

    We were represented island wide at many big events. Our main focus though was ministering through gospel music.

  3. And that exposure continued into and through high school as I recall.

    You also sang at several local, community and national events, concerts and balls, including Come Celebrate Jesus, where you shared the stage with the likes of..

    Donnie McClurkin,
    Kurt Carr,
    Kevin Downswell,
    Chevelle Franklin, etc.

    What would you say is your biggest event or achievement to date?

    I would truly say my biggest achievement to date was to be able to release my first single "Call Yuh Name", also on YouTube at


  4. At 18, and still attending Sam Sharpe Teachers College, you might still consider yourself an amateur in the business, but you would have also had your fair share of setbacks, right?

    What are some of the challenges you had to overcome so far and how have they helped to strengthen you?

    As a very young artiste there are two ways in which persons might view you, young and fresh or some might not want to help you as they might say you are not ready or you are not established enough.

    Even though there is less of the latter, it is still discouraging. That would be the biggest struggle for me right now.

    But that has taught me a big lesson and has shown me that not everyone will be there for you, so work with the few that are willing to support you and fight for what you really want.

    But that also helped in my spiritual growth, as many times you would want to be rude to those who do not believe in your talent, but then it does not really make sense does it?

    The other challenge, although I am getting way better at, is managing school and a career. It really pushes me to manage my time and be more responsible.

  5. Is the local gospel music landscape ready for you?

    I do think so, and to those who are not, โ€˜GET READY!โ€™

  6. Whatโ€™s your latest project and what are your expectations?

    My latest project would definitely be the release of my first single, it has been doing great things and I believe that it will go further.

    I am currently working on more music so persons can stay tuned to My YouTube channel @Anique Morris.


  7. Who are the persons who have inspired you along the way? Known or unknown to them.

    • My family members, especially my mom Angelick Morris who is always there for me.
    • Friends
    • Youth For Christ, headed by Barrington Sergeant &
    • Jodi-Ann Pantry

  8. Great! Whatโ€™s next for you Anique? And what are you long term career goal in this (gospel) music industry?

    Well I just want to continue making great gospel music that will minister to persons worldwide.

    I would love to be the next Shirley Caesar!

  9. And now my favourite question Anique, I ask all my interviewees :-); In your opinion, what makes Jamaica special?

    I believe Jamaica is special because of the vast amount of talent that come from this small island - across all sectors. it is also special because of the natural beauty of the island.

  10. Thanks again for taking the time to speak to us here at Anique.

    Please know that you have our prayers and blessing as you tread your journey.

    Where can persons contact you? Do you have social media handles?

    Thanks for having me. I can be contacted on:

I Should Tell You...

  1. I knew Anique from she was attending primary school. Not only is she a fantastic vocalist. She is a model youth in her community.
  2. Anique has won several awards for her singing, including Love 101's Gospel Sing Off Competition
  3. Her big sister, Anna Mariah, is the 2015 Digicel Rising Star Third Place Winner.
  4. She is the last of 4 children in her family.

What do you make of this interview with Anique? What advice do you have for her? Please share your feedback below.

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