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Beeston Spring, Westmoreland Jamaica

by Administrator

Salem Moravian Church at (Left hall) Beeston Spring Jamaica

Salem Moravian Church at (Left hall) Beeston Spring Jamaica

The Charming Community Of Beeston Spring in Westmoreland, Jamaica - posted 5/11/11

Winner of the 2010 Best Community in Jamaica Contest, (see link below) I am proud to say I hail from this quaint but fruitful little rural farming community in Westmoreland, Jamaica!

It's one of those Jamaican communities where everybody knows everybody -literally! And where it is the community grows the child, true 'old time' Jamaican style.

late grandma Mammy with kids in beeston spring, westmoreland
If you are familiar with the famous Bluefields Beach, then you can find Beeston Spring just east/northeast from there.

In fact, driving through Brighton and Robins River, it is no more than about 5 minutes drive from Bluefields!

You can also drive in directly from the south (Achindown or Whitehouse area), that's about 3 miles or 5 kilometers from there.

We have a small post office, a Type 1 health center, and more recently, a small public library. We also have a primary school, that's Salem Primary and Junior High was Salem All Age in my time :-) and of course, the natural spring!

Also of note is the fact that we have several churches, these include a Seventh Day Adventist church, Pentecostal, Anglican and the Salem Moravian church - the one my family grew up in, and are still ardent members of.

The community was a recent beneficiary of the Sandals Foundation where some small, but significant upliftment projects took place.

From what I gather, Beeston Spring was initially an estate that contained many acres of splendid woodland. Salem, the later named sub-district was purchased by one A. B. Lind in 1860.

Other sub districts or areas in Beeston Spring include Coffee Gully, Point, Left Hall, Bottom Ground, Silent Lane and Zion.

The spring (still gushing gallons of water each minute in the community) was kept as a public community water supply through a deed gift to the Moravian church by Lind on his retirement in 1891. Read more on that history here.

According to HealthAccessJamaica, the community has about 5000 individuals.

If you are interested in it's geographical coordinates then note that it is 18° 8' 0" North, 77° 58' 0" West.

By the way, I must tell you that my late Dad (Lindel Gayle) affectionately called "Beeston Spring" in Montego Bay - the same name of our community!

Read more about the Best Community in Jamaica award that Beeston Spring copped recently.

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Comments for Beeston Spring, Westmoreland Jamaica

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Sep 05, 2021
by: HH

I grew up in Beeston Spring, attended Salem School and Salem Moravian Church. I love my community. I still have some of my immediate families in Beeston Spring. We have the best purified spring water in which the communities around depends on for hundreds of years. Beeston Spring was awarded the most outstanding community out of 240 communities islandwide... I think its time for the government to put running water in this district. Mr Councillor and Mr MP for the area do something.

Aug 15, 2020
Palmer Family Westmoreland
by: Anonymous

Descendants of May and Robert Palmer.

Jan 02, 2020
To the Editor
by: Gloria Robinson

Regarding your question on where in Beeston Spring I am from. I grew up in a place called "Packy Tree"that is leaving Point, taking the bottom road, going to Petersville, White House.I remembered children coming from Petersville passing through Packy Tree, on their way to Salem School.

A note from my cousin Dorothy Tate, to say that "Beeston Spring is one of the most beautiful place on Gods earth".She too, a past student of Salem School.

May 27, 2019
by: Gloria Robinson

I am a past student of Salem School. I had very fond memories of my time there. I remember the Moravian Church though I did not attend that church, I was a member of the Church Of England.I visited the School a few years ago, and not much have changed, I noted the classrooms were positioned the same, though the chilren had the same air of excitement about them.

Editor's Note
Indeed. I am there quite often Gloria. I note your last name. Are you from the Left Hall area or up the thatch valley area?

Aug 17, 2018
Stories of old
by: Marian Thomas

My mother always told me stories of westmoreland that included Beeston spring..... Salem Church in particular. We also have relatives with the last name of Gayle. It still looks like a beautiful place.
Peace and Love
M. Thomas

May 29, 2015
My Beautiful Island
by: millicent questelles

thanks for the exposure of white house. Beeston Spring is my home town. Salem Moravian church is where my spiritual journey started. even though I have left Jamaica about forty years ago.

Each year I come back to my roots to enjoy the beautiful climate my next trip will be in September for one month . keep up the good works by telling others about our beautiful island .

May 29, 2015
I love my.district left hall
by: Anonymous

I went to Salem schooli left there a long time ago iam now living the state but cannot forget there I was there last April spent most of my time there I was very sad when time for me to leave most of my family are still living there I am the Jones family.

Jan 04, 2015
My Parent Childhood
by: Anonymous

Not from Beeston Springs but my mother is from there with a lot of childhood memories. My mom and I would love to know more about Beeston Spring, especially back in the days. Please feel free to contact me at


Nov 23, 2014
talent show
by: Anonymous

Beeston spring a developing community now inclusive of a community talent competition started in 2012 by Michael Alexander Brown

Oct 08, 2014
Descendants of Adella & Benjamin Palmer
by: Lorna Palmer

It would be exciting to research my ancestors...The Palmer family...Adella & benjamin Palmer 1899"

Sep 01, 2014
Researching ancestors Beeston Spring
by: James

Philip Anglin
Margaret Samuel

Visited Beeston spring 30 years ago and all I can say is beautiful

Jul 18, 2014
Amazing community
by: Dre

I'm so proud to call this place home.

Sep 10, 2012
by: Barbara

I came to Bluefields Bay two weeks ago -- in front of Hurricane Issac-- as part of a photo shoot at Bluefields Bay Seaside Villas. It wasn't my first time visiting. I've been returning to Bluefields over the last 15 years and I was delighted by how beautiful Westmoreland was looking. I had a chance to visit and photograph an organic farm that guests at the villas are welcome to tour and was very impressed by the quality of the produce. I look forward to returning.

May 29, 2012
So Great
by: Gloria Sommerville-Johnson

I grew up in this great community and still have a host family and friends there,i feel so proud we are apart of the rest of the world!!!BIG UP.

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