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Chinese Jamaican Restaurants
Top Chinese Restaurants In Kingston


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Chinese Jamaican RestaurantsChinese Jamaican Restaurants

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Next to Jamaican cuisine, one of my favourite cuisines is Chinese. I have yet to try a Chinese dish that I don’t like.  If you are a lover of Chinese cuisine like myself and you frequent or plan to visit the Kingston area, here are some note-worthy Chinese restaurants in the area. 

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1. The Golden Bowl

At Golden Bowl Restaurant, you'll find that their attentive service, nutritious and delectable cuisine and newly renovated décor will exceed your expectations. They have a diverse menu of popular Chinese dishes as well as speciality items. They also provide corporate delivery and catering services for weddings, anniversaries, and events.

They serve the finest seafood, chicken, pork, and beef meals. A selection of soups and appetizers are also in order. The menu does not stop there, chop suey, chow mein/low mein, suey mein, fried rice, vegetarian dishes, and other delightful delicacies such as filled too foo, foo gah, stewed, and roasted duck is served at Golden Bowl Restaurant.

Contact Information

  • Address: 7 Cargill Ave, Kingston
  • Phone:+1 (876) 960-1030

2. China Garden Restaurant

China Garden Restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine that is cooked daily. Every meal is prepared to order, and daily takeout specials are offered. Meal orders can be faxed as well. Appetisers, soups, pork dishes, poultry dishes, seafood dishes, and beef dishes are all available.

Before 10:00 AM, call or fax your order. Whether you choose to eat in or take out, their pleasant team will be here to assist you.

Contact Information

  • Address: 6 Dominica Dr. New Kingston, Kingston 5
  • Phone: +1 (876) 929-7458/929-0932 
  • Fax (876) 968-1846

3. Dragon Garden Restaurant

This restaurant is a staple in the Jamaican community, known for its outstanding Chinese cuisine, excellent service, and friendly personnel. They are known for their intimate knowledge of traditional Asian recipes and their use of the highest quality garden-fresh ingredients.

At Dragon Garden Restaurant, they provide cuisine that is both delicious and cost-effective. On Sundays, they serve lunch box specials, lunch dine-in, supper, dim sum, and crispy pork as part of their specialities. Aperitifs, soups, shrimp, fish, lobster, chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian meals, drinks, and juices are all available.

Contact Information

  • Address: 121, 1/2 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston
  • Phone: +1 876-925-3871 
  • Email:

4. Kinko's Chinese Restaurant

Rather stay in? Well, this Chinese restaurant offers dine-in, take out and delivery options. They have a wide range of Chinese dishes, whether you prefer shrimp, pork, beef, chicken or wings, they have something for you.

Contact Information

  • Address: 26, 5 Old Hope Road Kingston
  • Phone: +1 (876) 301-6185

5. Sakura Express

To provide you with a distinctive dining experience, Sakura Express combines the most well-known cuisines from China, Thailand, and Japan. You can choose a combination of all three cuisines to make up your dish or you can stick to your favourite. They are known as a fast-food Chinese restaurant.

On their menu, you will find egg-fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and fish, orange chicken, sesame chicken, mala chicken and so much more. They are located in various parishes on the island but in Kingston, you can find them at: 

Contact Information

  • Address: Shops # 2 & 3, 7th Avenue Plaza and 164 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11
  •  Phone: +1 (876) 229-1013 or +1 (876) 920-9096. 

6. Northside Kitchen

With interesting food and a distinctive atmosphere, they offer excellent Chinese and Japanese cuisine in Kingston. Their  Chinese and Japanese chefs prepare regional dishes that are truly authentic.

You can discover Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, or Japanese cuisine here, depending on your mood. A genuinely pleasurable eating experience is created by their authentic menu and setting.

To ensure that your dinner with them is as enjoyable as possible, they have constructed a cosy, spotless dining space. Mallah chicken, satay chicken and sweet and sour chicken are some of the popular dishes on their menu.

Contact Information

  • Address: 18, 6 Northside Dr, Kingston
  • Phone: +1 (876) 667-9762

Other Chinese Jamaican restaurants in Kingston:

  1. Dragon Court Restaurant- Dragon Centre, 6 South Ave, Kingston; (876) 212-8862
  2. Tsang Fast Food Restaurant- 30 Burlington Ave, Kingston; (876) 968-3389
  3. Little Tokyo Restaurant- 35 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston; (876) 908-0721
  4. New Imperial Court Restaurant- 119 Old Hope Road, Kingston; (876) 977-1087
  5. Oriental Pearl- 29A Old Hope Rd, Kingston;(876) 926-6619

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