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Christmas Vacation In Jamaica

A little late, but better late that never.

This email came in from one of my subscribers in response to one of my weekly newsletter mailings - just before Christmas.

Yes, this makes it a bit late, but I felt compelled to share it (he agreed to) with you and my wider audience. Really sweet; the little things they say that makes the difference. He certainly made my day. I tell people, you, my online community is the best.

Hello Wellesley,

My pleasure receiving and reading your newsletter here. Thank you so much!

I am all good and looking forward to my wonderful festive holiday which I shall surely return back to my home island Manus' to enjoy & celebrate this upcoming festive season with all my families back home.

I just everything I've seen from most of your posts up here on your page and they all reflect my mind straight back to my island home.

  • Fruits
  • Gardens
  • Beaches
  • Fishes

& most all seeing my dreadlocks friends back home.

I really enjoy your page here and it is something I will bring with me home. I will show my families about everything you have in Jamaica and I hope most of my families/friends back home will certainly hook up to your page here.

I am pleased to assure you that most of things in Jamaica are same here on our small island and I will still keep you posted when I reach my island home hopefully in two weeks' time.

See attached are some of my Christmas Holiday photos with my families back home last year...

I will be more than happy to see some of yours also..

Have a great festive season your way Brada.

Jah Bless.

A. Symonds

RESPONSE: by Wellesley Gayle

Hi Albert,

I love your vibe my friend!

Sorry I'm responding a bit later, but yes, you are very welcome my friend. It feels really really good to know that my efforts are appreciated by you my friend. And your willingness to share my site with your family is even sweeter; blessings my friend.

I take it that you are here right now, right? If so, holler at me man!
I'd love to connect with you on island :-)

By the way, I love the pics too! :-) That was last year right?
I was not able to share all of the over 20, but I shared a few that captured the essence of your vacation :-)

Mine? Sure, I don't always have the time to post here on site but you can follow me on my Instagram page and see all the impromptu stuff, as it happens :-)

Thanks again for been an ardent subscriber, for reaching out to me, and also for your permission to share it on my website bro. Blessings to you my friend and all the best in this new year.


P.S. See also: Jamaican Holidays And Their Significance.

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