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Finding a used truck for sale in Jamaica

by wayne D Stewart
(Priory, St Ann)

I've been asking, seeking and knocking this for a few days now, trying to determine how I help Wayne find a used truck for sale in Jamaica. Turns out that we didn't have much luck (as yet), but I've included some helpful information that will beneift my wider readership.

Here's his question...

July 2019:

I am a returning resident and did not want to bring my US vehicle with us for obvious reasons.

I want a four-door pick up and I have done my research on the best model and make.

I searched the car dealers in Jamaica and ads for a 2007/8 Hilux. The few that were advertised should have been taken down because they were already sold months ago.

The used dealers that sell trucks didn't have one. It was recommended to try the rental agencies but none had one at all.

I went down the list of car dealers on My Island Jamaica. The working sites who sold used trucks did not have Hilux in the inventory.

When I speak to a dealer etc. I ask them if they know where I can find one. They never do. I do not want to purchase from Japan. I am leary about giving my money to a company online and I can't check the car before purchase.

Is there a car sales network of some kind that puts out feelers for me?


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ANSWER: by Wellesley

Hey Wayne,
I feel your pain my brother.

Since I got your question, I've reached out to a number of persons and agencies, including customs and other car dealers, but to little or no avail.

The dealers didn't have that age in their inventory and couldn't say where we could get one (as you also found out).

I even reached out to a gentleman who made a promise (he is in that business too), but that was just it... a promise.

Unfortunately purchasing from Japan (outside of Jamaica) might be the only option for you but again, I understand your concerns with that.

Although many persons have had luck with that, I was a 'victim' of an extended, long and drawn out process with that too, and eventually demanded a refund after close to after three months and the vehicle was not even shipped!

If I manage to find someone or an agency that can help and provide you with some assurance, rest assured you'd be the first to know my brother.

Also, I'll keep this response post open so that if someone happens to identify one or know of somewhere we can source one, they can indicate so in the comment section below.

All the best!

For the benefit of my other readers though, it is probably helpful to let them know that the government of Jamaica does allow the importation of vehicles, but the age of the vehicle is a major factor.

The allowable age is determined by seating capacity and weight.

For Light Commercial Vehicles (Pick-ups, Panel/Window Vans, Trucks with seating capacity of 9-14, and unladen weight less than 3000 kg or 3 tones) - six (6) years
For motor cars - Five(5) years
For motorcycles - Five(5) years

For Buses used for the transportation of passengers
seating capacity 15-29 - twelve (12) years
seating capacity 30-44 - fourteen (14) years
seating capacity 45 & over - twenty (20) years

For Trucks used for the transportation of cargo
3,000 - 4000 kg - fifteen (15) years
4001 - 8000 kg -fourteen (14) years
over 8000 kg - twenty five (25) years

For other heavy duty commercial equipment - thirty (30) years
(Source: Customs and TradeBoard)

Above an beyond that, there are also special allowances for returning residents, but you have to 'qualify' as a returning resident and plan to live in Jamaica permanently.

For example, you get an additional 4 years older (over and above the standard). Additional guidelines for returning residents can be found here.

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See also:
Advice To Returning Residents.


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