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getting utitlites in Jamaica (water, power and road) | Who can I contact?


You just bought land and is now interested in getting all the local utilities in Jamaica installed. What's the next step?

The asker didn't state his/her name, but that's essentially the question he or she was asking.

Here's the full question with our detailed response, below.

I have recently purchased land in Portland, Jamaica.

I am trying to figure out how to contact someone about water, power and roads. Is there any direction you could lead me to get started?

Thanks for any help.

ANSWER: by Wellesley

Hey Anonymous,

First congrats on your purchase in 'the natural' parish!
That's actually the Portland's resort slogan!

Portland is a nest of beauty, nature and tranquility!

To answer your question though, you'll actually need to contact three, or at least two, local agencies - listed below.

They are the main suppliers/ managers of these utilities in Jamaica right now.

  1. For Water - The National Water Commission.
  2. For Power (Electricity) - The Jamaica Public Service Commission & possibly,
  3. The Portland Municipal Corporation (formerly the Portland Parish Council), for land matters.

I say possibly for land because, my understanding is that you can use your land for your own convenience and enjoyment, as long as it is not going to be used as a reserved road to afford anyone else access to their property and doesn't interfere with the another party or the public convenience/ facilities, including other roads.

Other than that though, you'd need to speak to the Parish Council. They also manage/ approve all building plans.

Regarding their contacts, I'd recommend you start with the corporate contacts via their websites. They will direct or re-direct you to the local contacts in your parish.

The corporate contacts are...

National Water Commission
5th Floor, Sagicor Building
28-48 Barbados Avenue
Kingston 5
Jamaica, West Indies.
Tel: 876-929-5430
Fax: 876-926-1329


Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd
Address: 6 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Tel: 1-888-935-5577 or 1-888-225-5577
Tel: 1-876-926-3190-9 ext. 78600


Here is our article on How to apply for electricity in Jamaica.

The Municipal Corporation falls under the Ministry of Local Government & Community Development. There corporate contact is...

5 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 754-0992-9, (876) 618-1104-8

However, for the Portland Municipal Corporation, the contact is:

Administration Building
1 Gideon Avenue, Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica
Tel: 876-993-2765 / 876-715-3615

Roads & Works Dept
52a West St Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica
Tel: 876-993-3192


I hope this helps. I welcome your feedback here.

You may also be interested in finding out How To Apply for Land Title In Jamaica.


P.S. We've answered HUNDREDS of questions, click here and here to get even more answers.

"A Matter Of Land",

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