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Honourable Louise Bennett-Coverley to be the next National Hero of Jamaica?

Rare Photo Of The Honourable Louise Bennet

Rare Photo Of The Honourable Louise Bennet

Jamaica is ready for another National Hero. The time is right. This is your opportunity to make this happen by signing this petition.

A hero is a person who is admired and acknowledged for their courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities.

When we add the word ‘National’ the definition now emphasizes the country of origin, the development of that country, the fight and achievements on behalf of that country.

The Bermudan definition says “A National Hero is someone who … has made significant positive contributions to the growth and development of society, and represents all of us.

To know our heroes is to know ourselves: our values, our collective history, who we are, ….. our history, heritage, and culture.

Join us and sign the petition to make Miss Lou the next National Hero.

Patty one of the originators of this petition points out;

"The first QUALIFICATION- (You) have to be DEAD!!"

In ‘the Past’, England called it’s heroes Knights awarding Knighthood to living Heroes like PIRATES – Sir Walter Raleigh. EXPLORERS – Sir Henry Morgan, Admiral Rodney.

This changed when Queen Elizabeth the second began awarding Entertainers eg. The Beetles, Sir Paul MacCartney, Sir Elton John, Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber.

When one became a Governor in a British Colony, one was Knighted. Sir Alexander Bustamante was Knighted when he became the 1st PM of Independent Jamaica.

Sir Donald Sangster PM, was knighted on his death bed just after forming his Cabinet.

So once Jamaica moved from Knights being the greatest thing to Heroes, there are 2 important things to bear in mind. The person must be dead and their contribution is outstanding, impacting the history and culture of the people, be internationally acclaimed in their particular field and leaves you in some awe that someone could really do this.

Miss Lou Especially

You have to agree with me that Miss Lou has done all this. What is really special is that when you listen to her works you have to stop and smile.

If you can remember how middle class children could not dare to speak Patois in the presence of their parents and now today Patois is recognized as a language spoken by our people no matter if you are Chinese, Indian or ….. well this all started with Miss Lou.

Someone has to start change. They mightn’t see it happen but they have the courage to start it.

Besides, Miss Lou is the first to call halt to that subtle discrimination in our history between those from the country and those from the city. Those who are trying to speak the Queens’ English (which not even the British speak) and those who still use the words and intonation of their forefathers.

Lifetime memories

Any time you think of Miss Lou , you think of Maas Ran. Anytime you think of Miss Lou you think of Pantomime . Anytime you think of Miss Lou you think of children… Aunty Roachie Sey

Yu tink yu know Miss Lou?? Well I just got a CD with the latest works she was re-doing in Jamaica. Her work is endless and as she grew older she seemed to be more inspired.

This lady Miss Lou is one of a kind and we all love her.

All the world loves Jamaica but do all Jamaican’s love themselves?

Many are still afraid to say they are Jamaican until someone mentions Bolt or Marley (with reservations).

Jamaica is now ready for another National Hero. The time is right. We all need someone with whom we can identify, someone who will help us to smile even when the going is tough, someone who reminds us in a personal way that our country is as great as it has always been.

This very special contemporary National Hero will help us to believe in ourselves and our unique cultural mix. She will help us to love ourselves again.

Here is the petition:

Sign and Walk Good. Hi Ya Hi!!!

Editor's Note:
You can read more about the honorable Louise Bennett here.

Fabian Coverley B.Th
Canada | USA |Jamaica
416 720 0307

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