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How To Become A Marriage Officer In Jamaica

wellesley and omeil wedding ceremony - edgar bennett

How To Become A Marriage Officer In Jamaica, by Katrina O'Sullivan, Contributed

All aspects of a wedding ceremony are considered very important to its intended outcome; the venue, catering, decorations etc. But none is as important as the marriage officer - there is no marriage without a certified marriage officer.

It is an esteemed position that provides you the privilege of not only getting between two lovebirds during a wedding ceremony, but having a memorable impression on their lives.

So if you have ever considered becoming a certified marriage officer in Jamaica, allowing you the honor to officiate the holy matrimony of others but not quite sure where to begin, the following is the information needed.

But first though...

Who is a Marriage officer?

By definition, a marriage officer is anyone who is legally authorised to officiate a wedding ceremony. It is a minister who is licensed by their state to legally marry two individuals.

And what (else) do they do?

Roles of a Marriage Officer

The role is extensive, but includes:

  1. Guiding couples on their journey to marriage. They help to give the couple an idea and understanding of the lifetime commitment they’re about to make.

  2. Perform wedding ceremony. This is self- explanatory; they are in charge of the flow of the ceremony, the vow exchange etc.

  3. Signing Marriage license. This is to authorize and legalize the union of the two persons.

  4. Providing pre-marital and spiritual counselling to the couple. This is extremely important to set the groundwork of the marriage. It aids the couple with clearing the air and planning their future together.

Now you know!
So exactly what are the steps to becoming a certified marriage officer?

How To Become A Marriage Officer In Jamaica

  1. First you must first be a Minister Of Religion.
    It is the first prerequisite in Jamaica.

  2. Assuming you have the primary qualification, you are then required to submit the following documents that are necessary to begin the process to the Registrar General Department. These include..

    • A letter of application in your (the applicant's) handwriting. It is to include the address of the church or churches and the number of members in the congregation(s).

    • Your Birth Certificate

    • Any documents noting a change of name ( deed poll, marriage certificate or adoption certificate)

    • One (1) passport sized photo

    • A Resume

    • One (1) letter of recommendation from the head of your denomination, &

    • Two (2) letters of recommendation from two other ministers of religion who are currently marriage officers.

  3. You will then be interviewed.

    If the applicant has a first degree then he/she is exempted from the required test.

  4. The police will conduct a background check on you.

  5. Once approved, a recommendation for the appointment will be submitted to the ministry of Health for approval and gazetting.

  6. Final Process - Training

    Upon receival of the gazette of appointment for the Marriage Officer, the Registrar Generals Department (RGD), will then contact you and invite you to a training seminar.

    This seminar would include training in all aspects of the marriage act including role play, marriage officer’s identification, Marriage Act
    and The Marriage Manual.

    Note that a fee is usually charged for the seminar.

  7. That's it, Congratulations!

    After all these steps you can be finally registered as a Marriage Officer. You will then receive marriage registers and the required forms to conduct a marriage. Good luck and enjoy :-)

wellesley and omeil wedding ceremony - June 2011

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Comments for How To Become A Marriage Officer In Jamaica

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Mar 23, 2021
ITinerant Preacher
by: Anonymous

I currently hold a BA in theology and i am an itinerant Preacher in Jamaica and overseas. I Am desirous of being a marriage officer in Jamaica. Can I apply?

Nov 12, 2020
Religious Alignment
by: Ed Wallace

So person without religious leanings are precluded from being marriage officers.

Does this not amount to systemic discrimination?

Is this constitutional?

Oct 07, 2020

by: Anonymous

I am active in my church and have held leadership roles in the past. Currently, I do not hold any substantive position.

Sep 15, 2020
How long do i have to be a minister to apply for my license
by: Anonymous

If there is a timeframe how long would it have to be

Mar 22, 2020
Marriage officer requirement
by: Anonymous

If you are a Deaconess with a first degree who works
in your church can you apply to be a marriage officer?

Nov 01, 2019
How to become a Marriage Officer in Jamaica
by: Angela

Do you have to have your own church to become a Marriage Office in Jamaica?

Is it mandatory that you have to be a Minister of Religion to become a Marriage officer?

What if you are just an active member of the church?

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