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How to Find the Best Health and Medical Insurance in Jamaica

by Cheri Avery Black
(Montego Bay)

I have several friends planning to move to Jamaica who want to explore options for health/medical insurance in Jamaica. Can you provide as much detail as possible, perhaps even including the range of costs and coverages? Thanks so much for all you do for all attracted to our beautiful friendly high-vibe Jamaica.

RESPONSE: by Deon Clarke

Hi Cheri,

Thank you for being a regular visitor to the website! Relocation is never an easy task especially when moving from one country to another. Among the many things to consider, is adequate health care coverage. Today, we will explore health and medical insurance options for persons who migrate or relocate to Jamaica.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Usually members who are between the ages of 18-70 years and their spouses (married or unmarried).
  • The insured’s dependent children up to age 19. Individuals between 20-23 years, who can prove that they are attending a tertiary institution, are also eligible.
  • Members who are self-employed. Small business operators who have employees.

Medical/Health Insurance Options

  1. Health Insurance Coverage from Employer

    You did not indicate if your friends would be working here in Jamaica. As you are probably aware, several employers offer free or partially paid health insurance to their employees after three (3) months of employment. So, if they are working and with a company that provides health insurance, they would be good to go!

  2. Private/Personal Health Insurance

    On the other hand, if your friends will not be working or working with an employer who does not provide health insurance, they would have to consider private or personal health insurance. Private health insurance is usually costlier than group health insurance as you can imagine. These can be obtained from major insurance companies or financial institutions such as credit unions or banks that provide these options through the insurance service providers.

    Generally, the health insurance plans offer more than 20 immediate as well as value-added benefits to their members or beneficiaries. Also available is medical coverage that is necessary for hospital, surgical and other medical expenses for the beneficiaries. available.

    These benefits generally include:

    • Medical (Office Visits)
    • Prescription Drugs
    • Dental/Optical
    • Surgical
    • Maternity Care*
    • Hospital Care
    • Diagnostics (Lab & X-ray)
    • Preventative Care (Tubal-ligation/Vasectomy, Immunization/inoculation)
    • Major Medical
    • Other benefits: radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hearing aids, renal dialysis and local ambulance)
    • Overseas Emergency (the Visitor’s Health Card should be used for this)
    • Overseas Non-Emergency (usually requires pre-authorization)

    The benefits mentioned above are typically the same as other private and even group health insurance. The differences lie in the amount of coverage and the cost of the premium. Usually, there are different package offerings so you can choose the one that best suits you.

    The monthly premium cost could range from $6,500 to $30,000 depending on factors such as age, whether it is a member-only or if other dependents such as family are included, as well as additional riders depending on preference.

    Major Medical and Health Insurance Providers

    Sagicor Life Insurance

    Sagicor Life Insurance provides a wide range of health insurance benefits for both personal and company use. In addition to the offerings by their company, Sagicor also has policies available through their Sagicare Partners.

    Sagicare Credit Union offers policies to members of the Credit Unions of Jamaica, offering four levels of benefit options covering medical, surgical, drugs, dental, and optical coverage.

    Sagicare JMMB offers policies to the members of the Jamaica Money Market Brokers offering three attractive health insurance options to JMMB clients covering medical, surgical, drugs, dental and optical health care services.

    Sagicare JN Group has established an arrangement with Sagicor to provide access to health insurance coverage for members of the JN Group.

    To see the full product offerings of Sagicor visit:

    Guardian Life Insurance

    Guardian Life Insurance provides insurance options for both companies and personal use. In addition to the policies offered by the company, they have also partnered with COK Sodality Co-operative Credit Union Ltd(COK) to provided insurance options to the clients of COK.

    To see the full product offerings of Guardian Life visit:

    Insurance Brokers

    Another way for you to access health insurance options in Jamaica is through Brokerages. These are companies that have special arrangements with various insurance providers and are authorized by these companies to sell insurance policies on their behalf. They essentially shop around for the best insurance options available to fit your needs from most insurance providers in Jamaica.

    Some notable insurance brokers are; Billy Craig Insurance Brokers, Marathon Insurance Brokers and Spectrum Insurance Brokers.

  3. Free Healthcare Services at Local Hospitals and Healthcare Centres

    You could also utilize the free healthcare services provided by the Government at local hospitals or healthcare centres.

    I wouldn’t recommend this in an absolute emergency if there are other options available though as you could be in for a lengthy wait. However, it could be convenient for minor healthcare requirements. In addition to free medical services, medication or prescription drugs are also free of cost.

  4. International Health Insurance

    A final option could be securing international health insurance. Several insurance companies provide international health insurance and would be happy to provide you with a quotation.

    I have listed some of these below for you along with a link to their websites.

    1. Cover Sure
    2. Expatriate Group
    3. Cover Sure
    4. IM Global
    5. Pacific Prime

    As you can see Cheri, the list of health insurance providers is certainly not exhausted but I would suggest that you and your friends do a thorough review of the options presented along with whatever else you may come across and select the option that works best for you.

    I do hope the information provided will be helpful to you, your friends and other readers. Do let us know how it works out. Thanks again!

    I also recommend you read Tips For Jamaica Returning Residents.



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    Editor's Note
    How about you? Do you ave a question? Submit your question here! With well over 2000 questions already answered, chances are we assist :-)

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Aug 19, 2021
Thank You for the Remarkable Response!
by: Cheri Avery Black

DC and Wellesley,
What an amazingly thorough response to my question! I'm sure you have saved my friends hours and hours of research time as well as even just the knowledge about where to look. Once again, you have proven to be THE "GO TO" PLACE for Jamaican information and inspiration! Thank you so much. Bless Up Yuhself.

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