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How To Make Jamaican Coconut Oil From Scratch!

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jamaican_coconut_oil_natural_rebecca_oil_of_oilsHow To Make Jamaican Coconut Oil From Scratch

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

In the heart of the rural community of Content, Westmoreland, a time-honoured tradition continues to thrive. Ann Marie, a resident with a deep-rooted connection to her heritage, shared her knowledge on making coconut oil from scratch during an insightful interview with Wellesley, the founder of My-Island-Jamaica.

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This process passed down through generations preserves a cultural legacy and offers a wealth of health benefits.

Jamaican The Traditional Coconut Oil Recipe


  • 3 well-dried coconuts
  • 2 cups of warm water


1. Husking and Preparing the Coconut:
- Start by husking the coconuts to remove the shell.
- Rinse the coconuts thoroughly to remove any residual dirt.

2. Grating and Extracting the Cream:
- Hand-grate the coconuts finely.
- Add 2 cups of warm water to the grated coconut. Using your hands, squeeze the mixture to extract the coconut cream. Remove and discard the coconut trash.

3. Fermenting the Cream:
- Leave the coconut cream at room temperature overnight in a pot or pan. This allows the cream to separate from the liquid (coconut milk).

4. Boiling the Cream:
- The next day, carefully remove the cream from the top of the liquid.
- Place the cream in a pot over medium heat and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes, ensuring the oil doesn’t burn.

5. Separating the Oil:
- As the mixture simmers, custard and coconut oil will form. Use a metal strainer to separate the oil from the custard.
- Pour the strained oil into a container and allow it to cool. Once fully cooled, the oil will solidify.

This coconut oil is a versatile product used extensively in Ann Marie’s household for cooking, moisturising skin and hair, and even medicinal purposes.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Cognitive Health:

Ann Marie’s journey into coconut oil production began when her mother-in-law was advised to switch from regular cooking oil to coconut oil to help with memory loss.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are easily absorbed by the liver and converted into ketones, a potent energy source for the brain. Research suggests that ketones have a positive effect on cognitive function and memory.

Immune System Support:

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, known for its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Ann Marie mentioned mixing coconut oil with garlic to combat the common cold, leveraging its natural immune-boosting properties.

Alleviating Menstrual Pains:

Many of Ann Marie’s customers use coconut oil to relieve menstrual pains. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil can help reduce discomfort and cramps associated with menstruation.

Skin and Hair Care:

Coconut oil is a staple in skin and hair care routines. It is an excellent moisturiser, helps with eczema, and is effective in healing cracked heels. For your hair, it promotes growth, adds shine, and provides deep conditioning.

Digestive Health:

When used in cooking, coconut oil aids digestion and helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Its antimicrobial properties help maintain a healthy gut flora, preventing digestive issues.

Ann Marie’s story and her method of making coconut oil from scratch reflect a rich cultural tradition that blends culinary artistry with natural wellness. The process, though simple, requires patience and care, resulting in a product that offers numerous health benefits.

Whether used for cooking, skincare, or medicinal purposes, coconut oil remains a valuable commodity in many households, preserving heritage and health.

For those interested in natural, holistic approaches to health and well-being, making coconut oil at home is a rewarding and beneficial practice, steeped in tradition and enriched with generations of wisdom.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out the video below of Wellesley and Ann Marie, as she walks you through the entire process of making coconut oil from scratch.

And if you are hoping to cop a bottle for yourself, you will be happy to know that Ann Marie is now selling these as one of her products. You can get her contact details from the video as well.

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