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I missed those days - Christmas In Jamaica

by Carmelita Derky

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friend when it reach here. First let me say a pleasant Sunday evening to you and your lovely family.

I loved and enjoyed Christmas in Jamaica which was some years ago.

Talk about the sorrel drink and Christmas cake which was my job, spending Christmas eve in the kitchen baking while some of the family when to grand market as they so-called it. 😁

Christmas morning early caroling at church and gifts exchange. Back to doing breakfast, fry fish with bread/dumpling some chocolate tea, dinner/feast no pork sorry.

Having friends and families for dinner what more with past stories. Very enjoying, Mon I missed those days, not the same although I still cooked my Jamaican food but the vibe not the same to me.

Enjoy your Jamaica food and weather my friend and please remember me your friend in a cold country who would love to be home.

One love my friend

Wellesley's Note

Thanks for the fond wishes Carmelita - and for the memories too!

Despite the caroling not as popular, We still have much of what you mentioned.

And yes my friend, I'm thinking about you in much colder climates - yikes!

Although not in Jamaica, I know the distance and cold temperatures won't prevent you from having a grand time.

All the best my friend!

By the way, my wife just took the Christmas cake out the oven - just about cooling now :-)

God's willing, it going to be a memorable one for me this year again as my family will be spending time with my siblings and their family and friends.


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