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Is there a cinema in Jamaica?

Is there a cinema in Jamaica? || Answered by Aneisha Dobson, Associate Writer

Most definitely!

In fact, the cinema is a very popular hangout spot here where people of all ages spend their leisure time to watch the latest movie.


By the way, quick side note, you might be surprised about Jamaica's strides in the film making industry in the last two decades or so.

Many local grown talents have proven themselves to be remarkable actors and actress, a lot of them making it big on the international scene!

My favourite Jamaican produced film is definitely “One Love”, starring singers Cherine Anderson and Ky-Mani Marley

(Watch it! If you’re a romantic like me, I guarantee you’ll love it!)

While locally produced movies are loved and appreciated, Jamaicans are also totally enthused by international movies and earnestly look forward to the premiere of the latest films out of Hollywood!

And even though we noticed that the cinema has been getting competition from internet based providers like Netflix, late nights-outs with friends at the cinemas are still trending.

Cinemas In Jamaica

The cinema isn’t a new phenomenon to the island though. In fact, Jamaica’s leading cinema operator, Palace Amusement Ltd., has been around since 1921!

Fast-forward to 2019, the company now operates three cinemas in the island.

These cinemas are:

  1. Carib 5 – This cinema is located in Cross Roads in Kingston.

  2. Palace Cineplex – Situated at Shop 47a Sovereign in Kingston, &

  3. Palace Multiplex – which operates from the Fairview Shopping Centre, Alice Eldemire Drive in Montego Bay

Not only does Palace Amusement Ltd. operate cinema theatres, but as a representative of United International Pictures (which supplies motion pictures products from several studios) it also distributes films to other interdependent cinemas in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

One such independent cinema here in Jamaica is the Cove Cinema which is located on Main Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

Cost of Cinema Tickets In Jamaica

The admission price to one of the Palace Amusement cinemas varies in relation to the following:

  • Age of the person watching – The ticket cost for adults varies from the ticket cost of children. For adults, a regular movie currently cost $1100 and $620 for kids.

    Children are considered to be 13 months to 11 years old, whereas adults are considered to be 12 years and over.

  • Type of movie – 3D movies tend to be more expensive than regular movies.

  • Type of setting – Regular setting is definitely the cheapest, but if you wish to upgrade to the Box or Sky Box you’ll have to cough out more dough.

But, did I mention that they have some exciting half price deals on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Monday Evening shows between the hours of 8pm-9pm and Tuesday Matinee Shows between the hours of 5pm – 6pm are offered at HALF PRICE for both adult and children on regular and 3D movies.

Also, all seats (Regular, Box and Sky Box) are at half-priced as well!

However, these Half Price Specials are not valid on Public Holidays.

Can I get snacks at the movies

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, Palace Amusement got that covered.

There are concessions stands that offer a wide array of snacks for you to munch on. There is hot dog, soda, nachos and cheese, beer and (of course) popcorn!


Did I mention you can purchase your tickets online?

Yeah, you can purchase your ticket online through their website

Click the BUY TICKETS icon and you’ll be given instructions on how to set up your account and make online purchases.

Once the purchase is made you can retrieve your ticket at the cinema. Ensure that you keep a copy of the transaction receipt though. Note that one will be sent to your email that you used to sign up your account.

Quick notes though...

  • The Online Ticket Purchase is only active between the hours of 8 am to 3 pm Mondays to Sundays.

  • Online ticket purchases are final and prices are quoted in Jamaica dollars.

Another Cinema Coming?

Palace Amusement Limited announced that it will be re-entering into the Portmore market. Yeah!

The company previously operated there, but due to failing to generate substantial income they closed the operation.

And The Latest Movies?

If you interested in knowing what movie is currently being shown, just visit their website,, select the cinema nearest to you and you’ll be brought to a page with all the current movies.

“What movies will you be watching?”, you may ask.
Aquaman and What Men Want are currently on my bucket list :-)

So depending on day, we might just be lucky to cross path at the movies!



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