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Items Jamaicans Want as Gifts

by Jessica

items jamaicans want as gifts

Question: What Are The Items Jamaicans Want As Gifts?

My mother was born and raised in Kingston, but has been living in the states for the last 30 years.

We return to Jamaica every year for holiday and lately have been staying in resorts.

We always like to make up "goodie bags" for about 5 people that work in the hotel that we make a connection with, just as a thank you.

We include things like earrings, nail polish, coloring books/crayons, candy, etc but we always have a hard time finding things for the men.

We know there are many things that are hard or too expensive to get in Jamaica that we take for granted here in the states so just trying to help out the average people.

I'm looking for ideas and suggestions of more items people need / want that are easy to carry in suitcase and not too pricey on our end too.

Thank you and we love getting your emails! :-)

Answer to Items Jamaicans want as Gifts, by Wellesley Gayle

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for stopping by, and thanks for the feedback on my newsletter, much appreciated!

It sounds like you are well ahead of the game though :-)
But thanks for asking.

Today, we get almost everything from the US in Jamaica. The 'harder to get' ones would probably be the more expensive ones that would not be in your budget.

So my suggestion would be just to take basic stuff and share it with sincerity.

You already captured a few above; kids books etc., so here are some additional ones:

  • Tee-shirts
  • Sun Glasses
  • Candies (including Jolly ranchers)
  • Lotions & other toiletries
  • Soccer Balls (deflated)
  • Caps
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Other school Supplies
  • Flash Drives, Memory Cards / other small techie gadgets and...
  • Smaller household stuff eg. candle holders etc.

Of course, this is not exhaustive, and it also depends on who you are giving, eg. children vs workers in a hotel etc., but this is be a good start.

I also asked for additional ideas from my readers, especially from those who have already visited Jamaica, and guess what...

They responded! New!: Read their recommendations here as well!


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Comments for Items Jamaicans Want as Gifts

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Nov 13, 2019
Presents for Jamaicans
by: Anonymous

They usually ask me to bring peanut butter. I get huge jars from Costco and bring it to them.

Mar 17, 2019
Items for Jamaica
by: Lisa

Well if anyone live in Miami there are a lot of things to get that won't break you in the fashion district.T shirts for $1-$4,pretty bras and underware , pj's perfume cologne you name it we got it. Hit me up.

Mar 17, 2019
Gifts for men
by: Maggie

Anything from American eagle ir Levi’s or Nike. I look for T-shirt’s socks etc when they’re on clearance blowout. It may be awkward but they love American eagle boxers

Jan 15, 2018
Gifts for the great people I meet on vaca
by: Mamma Renee

I have taken school supplies but was akward to explain. Pantyhose & t-shirts were good. I usually go every Spring & around Easter,l. Last year I took Marshmallow Peeps; the staff at the front desk never saw them & loved them! My chocolate eggs were a bad idea in the warm climate..duh.

Aug 10, 2014
When I go, I take....
by: Joyce

toothbrushes (soft)
Men socks (dress)
flash lights
solar garden lights (inexpensive)
fashion watches ($5)
Hair bows and items for children

Aug 07, 2014
Gifts For Jamaican Men
by: Vicky Bowker

The men we bring gifts to ask for duck tape and electrical tape. Apparently, they are hard to find and is expensive in Jamaica.

Aug 06, 2014
Gifts for men
by: Anonymous

I bring the following when I visit my husband's family:

Flip Flops
T shirts

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