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Jamaica Tourism Weekly Roundup

Jamaica Tourism Weekly Roundup - Week Ending July 7, 2019

Today, I'll share with you what I call 'The Tourism Round Up' for last week.

As the name implies, it's a recap of the top news headlines relating to the Jamaica tourist industry.

And this week, three (3) key items (plus 1) jumped out at me.

  1. The Sleep Walking Visitor
  2. Jamaica's Tourism Ministry to create Mini Destinations in Jamaica
  3. Jamaica Issued Travel Warning To The USA, and something I noticed...
  4. Hotels are Fully Booked! for Reggae Sumfest 2019!

The Sleep Walking Visitor

The Jamaica Star newspaper reported that a US veterinarian, who came on vacation in Jamaica, fell four (4) floors from his hotel room unto a balcony after he started to sleep walk!

The Freeport Police in Montego Bay reported that close to midnight, he got out of his bed, walked unto the balcony, claimed over the railing and stepped into open air! He landed on the pavement.

He was discovered by a manager on duty and rendered unconscious. He was reportedly air lifted to the US on the demand of his wife who was reported shocked that he got out of bed.

I am saddened by this event but is happy that he didn't lose his life. You can read more about the story in the Jamaica Star.

What's your take that though? Are you aware of that phenomenon? Personally, I only heard of that in movies. I welcome your feedback in the the comments section below.

Jamaica's Tourism Ministry to create Mini Destinations in Jamaica

The Minister of Tourism here is reported to have pronounced that his ministry will be creating a, what is called, 'mini' destinations in Jamaica.

In speaking with JIS, he reportedly indicated that they are looking to 'build-out' the tourism product into the non-touristy areas. He singled out Clarendon with attractions such as Salt River, the Salt River Mineral Spring and Jackson

Bay Beach as a potential ecological hot spots. Areas in St. Thomas and Hanover, namely Lucea, were also mentioned, as they seek to get more of our locals involved in our product offerings.

I fully endorse and hope that it comes on board soon, but it sounds like deja vu to me. What say you?

Jamaica Issued Travel Warning To The USA

Yeah, you saw that right. I know you are familiar with the script the other way, but yes, Jamaica has issued Travel Warnings to the USA because of the reported outbreak of measles in the USA. The alert was reported issued on June 14, 2019, and was based on finding that between January and June 2019, 1,022 cases of measles were identified in 28 US states.

And finally...

Fully Booked!

That is perhaps the most popular phrase on the lips of all hoteliers and accommodation suppliers in Montego Bay right now as the city awaits Reggae Sumfest, dubbed the biggest Reggae Show on Earth!

I suspected it, but confirmed same when a friend of mine, arriving from Kingston, asked me to help her secure a hotel room on her behalf. I called those I have a closer relationship first, and yes, the response was... Fully Booked. I went on to others that I expected might have some vacancy and yes, the same script... Fully Booked!

This is looking like an epic event this year.

If you can find a room at any hotel in Montego Bay now, please, let me know :-)

You can read more about Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica at their website.

That's it, I invite your feedback in the comments below.



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