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Land Surveyor In Jamaica

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Land Surveyor In Jamaica | (Photo: Surveyor In Jamaica | (Photo:

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Land is one of the most essential commodities to invest in. As a fixed asset, it does not depreciate due to its non-wasting nature.

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What is Land Surveying and Why is it Necessary?

Surveying, also known as land surveying, is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. It is commonly practised by surveyors and members of various engineering professions.

Land surveys are essential in the development and construction of various construction projects. It is performed early in the construction process to assess property boundaries (commercial or residential), topography for engineering designs, and outline elevations for flood insurance for home sites.

Furthermore, they can be used for real estate transactions, subdivisions, and other construction projects within a specific area, as well as assigning government measurements to public land.

If you are looking for one, these are some options.

Donovan Simpson & Associates Ltd.

Donovan Simpson & Associates Ltd. is well-known in the industry for its impeccable land surveying services and dedication to high-quality standards.

They have a dependable team of licensed land surveyors who are committed to providing timely and accurate results. Boundary surveys, strata surveys, subdivision design surveys, topographical surveys, engineering surveys, construction surveys, and other services are among their specialities.

Contact Information

  • Address: Shop 6, 11 1/2 Swallowfield Road, Kingston 5, Kingston & St Andrew
  • Phone: 876-960-5752, 876-960-5639, 876-960-5623
  • E-mail:

Johnson Wiggins & Assoc. Ltd

Johnson Wiggins & Associates is a seasoned team of Land Surveying Professionals with the knowledge, skills, and ability to meet all of your surveying requirements. They are licensed to operate throughout Jamaica and are both efficient and cost-effective.

Contact Information

Shop 5 R & J Pharmacy Bldg 16, Bravo Street, Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica

Phone: +1 (876) 972-1580 | +1 (876) 810-4163

Gilpin Mcfarlane & Associates

They provide excellent surveying and mapping services. They can assist you in better understanding your property lines, territory, and topography and identify potential problems. Their services include boundary surveys, engineering surveys, topographical surveys, and subdivision surveys, among others.

They also provide excellent project management services and prepare identification reports. The company is run by two Commissioned Land Surveyors with over 21 years of combined experience providing land surveying services islandwide to a diverse range of clients.

Services Provided:

  • Engineering Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Aerial Surveys
  • Small Scaled Hydrographic Surveys

Contact Information

  • Address 1: Shop 10 Natural Mystic Plaza, 22 1/2 Humber Avenue, Montego Bay, St. James
  • Phone: +1 876-971-5616
  • Email:

Island Surveyors

Island Surveyors is a family-owned and operated land surveying firm in Central Jamaica, offering premium land surveying services.

They place a high value on providing personalized customer service, and their employees are well-educated, qualified, and experienced in their respective fields. Mr. Adrian M. Levy, their principal partner, has over twenty years of experience in land surveying in both rural and urban settings.

They are fortunate to have a senior partner and consultant like Edward Keith Levy; he is an active practitioner with over 50 years of land surveying experience in Jamaica. Keith, as he is affectionately known, sees no hidden land.

Their services include:

  • Surveyor’s Identification Report
  • Subdivision Design & Layout
  • Boundary /Cadastral Surveys
  • Topographic Survey

Gracey A I & Assocs. Ltd

A.I Gracey & Associates has been serving the public since 1998, led and guided by its principal Maj. Andrew I Gracey, has been a Land Surveyor since 1989.

A.I Gracey and Associates has a proven track record of providing excellent service to their valued clients and is committed to upholding high standards in meeting their needs. They take pride in their service's quality, dependability, and promptness, which is ensured by the company's commitment to hiring highly qualified employees.

They have worked hard to acquire modern instrumentation and to employ cutting-edge methods and techniques based on the most recent available technology in the practice of surveying and geographical information science.

Contact Information

  • Address: Shop 4 51 Warner Street Port Maria St. Mary
  • Phone: +1 876-994-2829
  • Email:

Thwaites Surveying Limited

Thwaites Surveying Limited is a full-service commissioned land surveying and mapping firm with extensive experience in various tasks such as large and small-scale surveys for surveyors' identification reports, boundary (cadastral) plans, subdivision plans, topographic plans, and engineering works.

Other projects have included surveying and mapping to aid academic research, as well as lecturing on the science of surveying and spatial data collection. Their surveying and mapping professionals provide spatial data collection services in terrestrial, aerial, and marine environments throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Contact Information

  • Address: 13 West Avenue, Kingston 4
  • Tel: +1 876-922-1655
  • Mobile: +1 876-227-0759
  • Email:

These are just a few of the many land surveyors to be found across the island.

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Land Surveyor In Jamaica | Written: September 01, 2022

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