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My friend Christine - from Montego Bay

by Vadym Voitko
(Kiev, Ukraine)

I met Christine in "MoBay Proper Bar and grill" (on Montego Bay's HipStrip). That was on January 21st 2020.

She was with a girl and a guy at that time. I gave her my phone number but without "+" sign which prohibited her to find me. She said she is 21 and works to earn for university. I suppose she lives on the north from that bar (north-east of Montego Bay).

I made a sketch of her which might not be accurate (skin - average jamaican, she has more cute and childish face than I drawed).

I promise to give cash reward to those who'll help me find her! Thanks

Editor's Note
If you know Christine, or know of anyone who might know her, Vadym would truly appreciate it.

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Comments for My friend Christine - from Montego Bay

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Apr 12, 2020
Thanks for supporting
by: Issuer

Thank you very much for your spiritual support.
All what you say makes sense and I've studied that approaches from books. I also stay calm and confident! I'm waiting for reply from personal of that bar, they should know her. After all there are not so many houses in MoBay! If I take my friends, we'll find her in an hour. Just waiting for this pandemic to end to come to Jamaica ) Wish you constant deep calmness, my friend

Apr 12, 2020
If it's Meant to Be
by: Cheri Avery Black

What a beautiful drawing, you're very talented. I'm sending you positive energy for your search. If you are meant to connect again, it will happen. Put her image on your vision board. At least twice a day claim your desire, i.e. I am with Christine. Feel the emotion you desire, emotionalize your desire. Believe you are worthy to receive. Know you are co-creator of your life. Be open to receive your desires or something even better than you imagined. Then let 'the universe' make it happen.

Have you tried calling the universities' personnel departments, perhaps start with the Mobay branch of the University of West Indies? Just a note of probable reality: most people know to use the plus sign for foreign numbers. Was it a free WhatsApp or Emo number? If not, did you expect her to pay to call you? Another hint: never, if possible, never put your 'fate' in the hands of another, rather get her phone number. She could have inadvertently lost yours, and is hoping for you to contact her. It's good you have put your request on this site. Wellesley has a huge following. Best of luck. Miracles happen all the time.

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