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Proud Jamaican (Poem)

by Carlene Munda
(Portmore, Jamaica)

Mi proud to be a Jamaican
Mi sey mi proud to be a Jamaican
Like any oder nation wi have problems
But wid a lickle unity, we can solve dem.

A jus’ di oder day it come pon T.V. Jamaican win a grammy
Di way mi feel so proud, yuh shoulda si mi
A jump up in a mi house
wid mi family.

Wi dance and reggae music gone near an’ far
A nuff a wi Jamaicans tun superstar
Like Shabba, Chronixx and Dalton
Like Ifricka, Itana, and Tessan.

Lickle Jamaica de pon di worl’ map
Wi athletes dem deh right pon di top
Di fastest man, yes a we have him
Not to mention wi golden Olympic team.

Jamaica people dem talented fi true
If yuh tink is lie jus’ look around you
Wi have lawyers, doctors, jus’ to name a few
An’ nuff entertainers like me an’ you.

Nuff tourists love fi come a fi wi country
Dem love di food, sand an’ di sea
Dem love when wi dance an’ show off wi history
Like di mento, di quadrille and dinki mini.

Mi naw go hide an’ talk, mi a tell yuh mi heart
A nuh every Jamaican a play dem part
Some a dem a give di country bad name
Meck wi all unite an’ get rid a di shame
And be proud to be Jamaicans
Be proud to be Jamaicans…..

I am a proud Jamaican!

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