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Realtors in Jamaica
Top 10 Companies For Buying, Renting or Leasing

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Realtors In Jamaica | House For Sale In Bogue VillageRealtors In Jamaica | House For Sale In Bogue Village

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Let’s all admit it, Jamaica is amazing! From our friendly people to our beautiful landscape and our exhilarating heritage and culture, not to mention our delightful cuisine! Many people would love to live here. And why not? As our motto says “out of many one people”, we are a people that love to embrace and welcome others into the fold.

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So for whatever the reason may be, whether you fell in love with the country after visiting or you are a Jamaican planning on returning home, you will not be disappointed. Maybe, it isn’t any of those reasons, maybe you just would love a change of environment or change of pace or or you are moving here for business. Don’t worry, Jamaicans and Jamaica will welcome you with open arms.

But let’s pause for a moment before you pack your bags and book your flight, ask yourself this question, Where am I going to live? Are you going to build, buy, or rent a place to live? Will you stay in an Airbnb?

Whatever your answer is, one thing for certain is that finding a home in Jamaica is not as easy as it should be. Working with a budget or a specific area in mind makes it even harder. Finding a trustworthy realtor might be a step you should consider. So I have listed a few realtors in Jamaica who will make the process of transitioning to life on the island a little easier.

What Are The Benefits To Realtors In Jamaica?

There are quite a few benefits that working with a realtor or real estate agency awards you, they include:

  • Quality Information is important when considering a home and an experienced realtor will be able to provide you with answers to any questions you may have regarding the housing market in Jamaica.
  • Bargaining Points are important and realtors can readily spot what these might be. Anything that can be an inconvenience, no matter how small a realtor will be able to pick up on. You can then decide, with their advice whether that is a deal breaker or it can be used as a bargaining chip to lower the cost of the house or to include other amenities in the asking price such as furniture.

  • Location is key and once you give your realtor all the information on what you are ideally looking for, they will know where to find what you need. Yes searching online is okay, but most sellers don’t even have a for sale sign at their homes and many don’t post online. They will enlist the sale of their house through a real estate company as well.

  • Paper Work in any business deal, whether you are buying or selling a product or a service is inevitable. At least with the assistance of your realtor, you will have help understanding jargon and niche words then your realtor will be right there to explain.

So to make things easier for you here is a list of 10 real estate agencies and realtors in Jamaica:

1. HoShing Realtors and Associates

Located in Montego Bay, they have been in operation since 2013. Tanya HoShing, the owner of the company, has been in the real estate business for over 15 years. They specialize in commercial and residential properties for sale, lease, rental, and property management in Jamaica.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: 876-979-5693/305-850-7647

2. Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty

They have been in business since 2001 and is a franchise of the international Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. They have locations in both Kingston and Montego Bay. Among their services are commercial and residential rentals and sales.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: (876) 953-6099/(876) 946-0007

3. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Jamaica was purchased in 2017 by Meldam Realty which had been in operation for over 40 years at that time. They have 2 locations in Kingston, 1 in Montego Bay and another in Ocho Rios. They provide residential, commercial, private treaty and foreclosure services all around Jamaica.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: (876) 616-5952/(876) 616-8032/(876) 974-4209

4. JamRock Real Estate

Located in Savanna-la-mar are the pioneers of the real estate business in Jamaica. They buy, sell and rent commercial and residential properties across Jamaica.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: (876) 954-0333

5. Re/Max Elite

Re/Max Elite has been in operation since 2009 and has since then, been a leader in the real estate market. The carry out realty operations from their Montego Bay and Kingston locations.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: (876) 908-3876-7/ (876) 979-8349

6. Graham & Graham Realty Jamaica

Provide services in Sales, Rentals, Leases, Appraisal, Property Auctions and Property Management. They are located in Montego Bay and has been in business for over 3 years.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: 876-630-5408 / 876-438-9624

7. C.D. Alexander Co. Realty Ltd.

Established in 1944, they cover a wide range of real estate services including residential property & commercial sales and rentals, negotiations, brokerage, consultancy, appraisals and auctions. Located in Kingston Jamaica.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: 876.754.6151/876.754.9991-2

8. Scott’s Realty Ltd

Located in Clarendon, this company was founded in 1997. Their services include buying, renting and auctioning real estate.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: (876) 786-1618

9. Valerie Levy and Associates Limited

Since 1984, they have been in operating from their Kingston office location. They handle residential and commercial properties, private treaties and foreclosures.

Contact Information - Tel: (876) 931-4471/876-619-2962/2963

10. Inez Turner Real Estate Agency Ltd

Located in Mandeville, Manchester, this real estate company has services including buying, selling and renting properties.

Contact Information - Email: | Tel: 1-876-625-1350 or 1-876-625-0163

Regardless of your reasons for seeking a house in Jamaica, finding a realtor with experience and an understanding of your needs and your budget will definitely make your house hunting much easier. Realtors in Jamaica are equipped to do just that!

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