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Remembering The Jamaican Historian

by Dr. Olga Graham
(ON, Richmond Hill, Canada)

jamaican historican - Kenneth brewster (Coal Man)
Re: Your article On The Passing Of The Local Historian

Brother Gayle:

I watched both your videos — you were just in time to record and honour this fine human being and immortalize him in the pages of human history.

How precious is Brother Brewster. How precious is transparency, love and truth-and simple faith. The world is a better place because he walked through it.

I was devastated at his death—not that he passed on—as we all must do, to our better life in the Lord, but HOW it happened. Again, I asked WHY?

As he spoke with you, I considered how blessed he was at 98 years old. No terminal illness, no bitterness—a heart of love.

Obviously, he was walking, lifting chairs, seeing even beyond what the physical eyes can see, hearing with hearing ears.

I saw his blessings beyond material “wealth” and could not help but compare him with someone like Baron Rothschild, wealthy In earthly goods beyond belief, but does not even bear his own name but one that is destined an everlasting opposite to Brewster.

Brewster, who seemed to have nothing—but yet, had everything. Rothschild, who owns and controls the money of the world and many castles, lands, and countries—and yet, he does not even know there is room at the cross for him. Brewster still lives in His resurrection power.

It might be worth investigating how that fire started and how he could not make it out as he was mobile. Who could have been near enough to hear him call for help and yet be too far to assist him? It is strange indeed.

Still, he had the assurance that the One who blessed Him with blessings that money cannot buy in this life on earth, blessed him as he passed through the fire into life beyond death. Truly, Brother Brewster learned the knowledge of good and evil and learned to choose good, and with his mind—he saw forever.

We will see him again, and I too, will have the pleasure of shaking his hand.

Thanks for your broadcasts—you also, are contributing to the real and the good—so unique in the world.

Yes, “ this is tough”—but be comforted—Brother Brewster is home in Glory (Rev. 14:13).

Olga Graham

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