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Staying at Multiple Resorts in Jamaica During Covid – Is it allowed?

by Kevin

We are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Jamaica on October 21. I understand that once in Jamaica, we must stay within our resilient zones. But we are planning some nights in Treasure Beach, then 5 nights in Montego Bay. Is staying at multiple resorts allowed at this time? Kevin

RESPONSE: by Deon Clarke

Good Day Kevin,

It's great to know that you are travelling despite the ongoing pandemic. I must say I am pleased to know that you have chosen Jamaica as your destination! We truly have a lot to offer and I get it, you don't want to miss out on any of it :-).

The Tourism Ministry is cognizant of the fact that people still want to travel regardless and so has put measures in place for travellers or visitors like yourself to have a relaxing, authentic, and truly amazing Covid-secure travelling experience. How did they do this? What are the measures in place? Well, let's take a closer look.

The Covid-19 Resilient Corridor in Jamaica

Jamaica thrives on tourism, which is the main foreign exchange earner for the country. The borders needed to be reopened and visitors to the island needed to feel safe while at the same time, enjoy the freedom of movement. As such, the "Covid-19 Resilient Corridor" was established by the Tourism Ministry.

As you may gather, this corridor consists of a list of approved places for visitors to enjoy including accommodation and attractions within the area. It also includes approved transportation that visitors are allowed to take within the corridor.

During a virtual media briefing on June 4, 2021, the Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett outlined protocols for the then June 15, 2021 reopening of the tourism sector. He noted that the resilient corridor is part of a five-point recovery strategy that had been established by the Ministry to guide the reopening of the industry.

This COVID-19-resilient corridor originally scheduled to run along the north coast from Negril, Westmoreland through to Port Antonio, Portland, would incorporate all activities within the stipulated area just along the main road. It is considered a manageable corridor that will facilitate easy access. However, more importantly, was the ability to trace or track the visitors and to contain their movement in light of the virus.

Since then, additional plans to extend the corridor to Kingston and the south coast running from Milk River in Clarendon to Negril along the coast has since materialized.

Travelling Within the Island

The Controlled Entry Programme initiatives are critical to the risk management efforts by the Government. These include the assignment and categorization of all travellers arriving on the island, based on the purpose of their visit and their intended places and type of accommodation type as per the Travel Authorization application.

Visitors who are staying at approved accommodation within the resilient corridor are allowed to freely enjoy the comforts of their stay, as well as visit approved attractions within the corridor that are Covid-19 protocol compliant.

Please use this link to see the full list of approved accommodations, attractions and transportation within the resilient corridor.

As mentioned before, all these measures were put in place to have the tourism sector reopened. As you can imagine, a lot has changed since the emergence of vaccines and quarantine orders have been amended accordingly to facilitate an even faster moving around time. For example, once you are fully vaccinated, you have the option of taking a PCR test from an approved provider. Once the result is negative, your quarantine days are reduced from 14 to just 8 days. As you can most likely tell by now, your vaccination status has a lot to do with how quickly you get to move around.

So you see Kevin, you can visit multiple locations in Jamaica as long as they fall within the resilient corridor. You must remain within the designated areas for the duration of your stay. Don’t forget to check for the areas you which to visit on the website provided. I hope you have a splendid time and I’m looking forward to an update from you about your stay.

I also recommend you read The Latest Curfew Hours in Jamaica.



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