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Xtabi Resort Negril
The Gathering Place of the Gods

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xtabi resort negrilXtabi Resort Negril | source: Xtabijamaica

By Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Negril is one of Jamaica’s tourist towns, perfect for those looking for a relaxing tropical getaway. The laid-back seaside town offers many options for accommodation from luxury resorts with every amenity you could ever desire, to cosy cottages. However, the Xtabi Resort Negril offers something quite unique.

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The Xtabi Resort was founded in 1967 and was built on limestone, vegetation and bushes. The name Xtabi means God’s Gathering Place and the resort embodies this in its uniqueness.

The name is as unique as the small bungalows and cottages in octagon shapes that dot the countryside and are set atop rocky outcrops overlooking a sapphire sea. The roundhouse architectural design of their coastal homes adds a distinctive appeal to the Xtabi experience. The open and airy design invites the breeze from the sea below to flow through the tastefully decorated cottages, which are adorned with hand-carved wooden columns and other details. Fossilised limestone caverns, which were originally dug out to host cave parties and may still be used to explore the lovely cavernous depths below, are located beneath the Xtabi homes.

Xtabi is a unique location created with attention to even the smallest details for tourists who yearn for more than an all-inclusive travel experience

Accommodations at Xtabi Resort Negril

The rooms here are modestly decorated with handmade wooden or bamboo furniture pieces. They have several options to choose from:

  • Seafront Cottage (No AC/TV)
  • Seafront Cottages with Kitchenette/Loft (No AC/TV)
  • Seafront Cottages with AC & a small refrigerator
  • Standard “Superior” Rooms AC/TV
  • Standard Rooms (No AC/TV)

With tile or wood floors, high ceilings with fans, wooden walls and shutters, each cottage is a little bit distinctive. A kinnor queen size bed and tropical bathrooms with stone shower enclosures or private ensuite outdoor showers are featured in seaside cottages. Every accommodation has a private balcony or verandah.

Dining at Xtabi Resort Negril

If you choose to, you can dine at their seaside restaurant and bar which offers tasty Jamaican dishes. However, Negril is home to many other fantastic restaurants if you're seeking for a change of pace. Less than a five-minute walk separates Pushcart and 3 Dives Jerk Center from Xtabi. You should try the West End favourites Catch a Falling Star, LTU, Kool Vybes, Ivan's, Ricks Cafe, Canoe, and Patsy's, which are all just a five-minute drive from Xtabi.

What to do at Xtabi Resort

The five caves that run down the cliffs, the nearby shallow reefs, and the crystal clear coves will all make for excellent snorkelling, swimming, and scuba diving experiences. There is also a private pool located in a tropical garden, which may be quite enjoyable. There are also spiral staircases that descend to the sea through a cave.

Places to see near Xtabi

7-Mile Beach
The stunning white sand beach in Negril is well known for its astounding 7-mile length. The 7 Mile Beach is surrounded by bars, eateries, parasailing, glass bottom boats, warm, clear water, and a dynamic local scene. The 7 Mile Beach is a short 5-minute drive from Xtabi.

Booby Cay
Booby Cay Island, which is a few miles off of 7 Mile Beach, is one of the most enchanted excursions in the Negril region. The native glass bottom boats that border the beach are the most common means of getting to the island via water. On the route to the island, there is a stunning reef that is a fantastic place to snorkel. Here, you can see a wide variety of fish and other fauna as well as an old cannon that has sunk to the seafloor.

Blue Hole
The distance to one of Negril's most well-known attractions is 30 minutes or less. A naturally occurring pool of fresh water, the blue hole is located inside a large cave. To enter the water, you can either down a 25-foot ladder or, if you're feeling particularly brave, just jump in! You'll watch locals, like the well-known Reggie, jump from the trees above, achieving a fall height of roughly 35 feet. Bring your goggles because the water is 35 feet deep and you might be able to see some fish swimming there.

Jam West
For those looking for thrills, a nearby adventure park offers a variety of exhilarating activities, such as push-karting, zip-lining, ATV riding, a race track, horseback riding, and a safari tour. If you're an athlete, the location has multiple rock climbing walls. At Jam West, there are numerous activities to satisfy your urge for excitement. If you're exhausted after a long day of seeking thrills, there are also nearby food and beverage options.

If you are interested in booking your vacation at this resort, you can do so right here.

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