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Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum
Rums Under the Appleton Estate Brand

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jamaican_rum_appletonAppleton Estate Jamaican Rum

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Appleton Estate has long been one of the most popular brands of alcoholic spirits in the world. There are multiple types of Appleton Estate rums, let's get you familiar with them before your trip.

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Appleton Signature

appleton_estate_signatureAppleton Estate Signature

The Appleton Signature is the ideal pairing for a cocktail and if you’ve had a daiquiri in Jamaica, chances are, it was made the Signature rum. The dark golden rum has hints of dried apricots, molasses and fresh peach.

The rum, crafted from limestone-filtered water has no added flavours.

How long is Appleton's Signature aged?

The delicious blend of pot and column still rums are aged for 4 years.

Jamaican Daquiri Recipe


  • 2 Parts Appleton Estate Signature
  • 0.75 Parts of Lime Juice
  • 0.50 Part of Simple Syrup
  • Ice


  1. In no particular order, add all your ingredients to a shaker. Shake until chilled then strain and serve in a chilled coupe.

Appleton 8-Year-Old Reserve

appleton_estate_reserveAppleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve

You are probably familiar with the 8-Year-old Reserve blend as it was a favourite among rum connoisseurs for years.

However, Master Blender Joy Spence crafted the new Appleton 8-Year-Old reserve which served to be a part of a brand revamping effort by Appleton in 2020. The honey bronze rum has hints of citrus peels, honey, vanilla and holiday spice.

The new and improved rum has a more complex taste than its predecessor which is credited to the longer duration spent in the well-known oak barrels Appleton Estate uses. One other notable change between the two is the 43% ABV of the 8-Year-Old Reserve.

The new bottle now has the minimum age statement, which is eight years just in case you haven’t guessed it yet, and the Joy Spence stamp of approval is proudly etched on the front of the bottle.

The 8-Year-Old Reserve makes a perfect Mai Tai or Joy’s Cocktail.

Jamaican Mai Tai Recipe


  • 2 Parts Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve
  • 0.5 Orange Curacao
  • 0.5 Lime Juice
  • 0.5 Almond Syrup
  • Ice (crushed and cubed)


  1. In no particular order, add all your ingredients to a shaker. Shake until chilled then serve.

Appleton 12-Year-Old Rare Cask

appleton_estate_rare_casksAppleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Casks

The 12-year-old rare cask is a collection of pot and column still rums aged for a minimum of 12 years. The deep bronze honey gold rum has hints of molasses, vanilla, coffee beans, hazelnut, toasted oak and dried fruit. Whether you enjoy sipping your rum or creating cocktails, the Rare Cask is great for both.

Appleton 15-Year-Old Black River Casks

appleton_estate_black_river_casksAppleton Estate 15 Year Old Black River Casks

Named for the capital of the parish where the Appleton Estate is located, this 15-year-old rum is crafted from limestone-filtered waters sourced from the Black River.

The copper-hued full-bodied rum has hints of toasted almonds, hazelnut, orange peel, molasses, coffee and vanilla. There are no added flavours to this rum.

It is best had neat or on the rocks.

Appleton Estate 21-Year-Old Nassau Valley Casks

appleton_estate_nassau_valley_casksAppleton Estate 21 Year Old Nassau Valley Casks

Described as having a nutty bouquet with hints of nutmeg, warm coffee, cocoa, vanilla and orange peel, the long-aged rum is best had neat. The Nassau Valley Casks is named for the exact location of the Appleton Estate, the Nassau Valley, St. Elizabeth.

Limited Edition Appleton Rums

  • 30-Year-Old Rum - The complex rum is a blend which includes rums as old as 50 years old. As is suggested by its position on this list, it is very rare.

  • 50-Year-Old Rum - The rum crafted especially for a very important milestone in Jamaica’s history, was officially released in honour of Jamaica’s 50th year as an independent nation. In fact, the rum was set aside all those years specifically for this occasion.

  • Joy - If you are a huge follower of Appleton Estate or spirits in general, then Master Blender Joy Spence is no stranger to you. She is the first female master blender in the world and is the brains behind many of Appleton Estates' current rum blends. The 25-year minimum-aged rum was released in honour of Joy Spence’s 20th year as a Master Blender.

Is Appleton Special and Appleton 62 the same rum?

The Appleton Special series of rum was rebranded, Kingston 62. This was done to clearly differentiate between the medium body rum and the Appleton Signature, Reserve and other premium offerings by the brand.

There is the Kingston 62 Gold and the Kingston 62 White Rum under the brand and they are both 40% ABV.

Can you buy Appleton rum in the US?

Yes, you can purchase Appleton rums all over the world including the USA.

I’m sure you are excited to try all of Appleton Estate’s premium spirits. And guess what, if you take the Appleton Estate rum tour, you’ll get the chance to have probably the rarest of them all. The rum was developed especially for the tour. It can only be had on the property of the Appleton Estate.

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Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum | Written: December 20, 2022

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