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Are All The Beaches In Jamaica Clothing Optional?
Clothing Optional Jamaican Hotels

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couples_san_souci_ocho_riosAre All The Beaches In Jamaica Clothing Optional? | (Photo: Couples San Souci)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Are all the beaches in Jamaica clothing optional? Not even by a long shot! Jamaica is a top vacation spot for persons of many persuasions so everyone needs to have some place they feel comfortable.

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Moreover, it is essential for locals to feel comfortable enjoying the country. And Jamaicans are not quite as comfortable with public nudity as you think. With three of the most prominent religions on the island being Christianity, Rastafari and Islam, we are very conservative in this regard.

But, as I said before, all people need to have a safe place to vacation or live the way they see fit and so, some beaches offer a clothing-optional or exclusively nude experience.

All these beaches are attached to a hotel. No beach-only attraction offers clothing-optional swimming because children frequent these beaches.

As of today, the hotels that offer clothing-optional accommodation are predominantly found in Negril with a few in Ocho Rios.


Couples Resorts has three hotels in Jamaica that offer clothing-optional beaches. I should point out hastily that it is not a clothing-optional hotel. You are expected to be in clothes at every other part of the hotel except for the clothing-optional beach area.

Couples Negril

Couples Negril has the smallest clothing optional section of all the Couples resorts in Jamaica. The good thing about Couples Negril’s clothing-optional beach is the seclusion it provides.

Contact Information

  • Address: Norman Manley Blvd, Negril
  • Phone: (876) 957-5960

Hedonism II

Hedonism II is the place to be for the ultimate clothing-optional experience. There are two parts to the beach the “nude” and “prude” sides. On the nude side, clothes are not an option. You must be naked unless you are only heading to the beach grill and back.

On the prude side, you can be as naked as you are comfortable with. You are expected to be in clothes to enter the restaurants and other communal areas of the resort. Most people often end up on the nude side anyway since most of the parties and fun activities are held there.

Contact Information

  • Address: Rutland Point, Negril, Westmoreland
  • Phone: 876-957-5200
  • Website:

Grand Lido

Grand Lido Negril Au Naturel is a part of the Blue Diamond group of hotels which owns the Royalton chain of resorts as well. Grand Lido’s main pool is clothing optional, not nude only which means you’ll have the option to decide whether you want to be naked or not which could be a plus or minus depending on the way you see it.

Grand Lido is not the fun party scene as other hotels in Negril are. Instead, the 26-room hotel accommodates laid-back and relaxed vacations. But, staying here means you’ll have access to the nearby Royalton resorts and you’ll have to go to either one to enjoy the beach, gym and sauna as Grand Lido does not have these on its property.

It does, however, have multiple pools. Your clothing optional privileges do not extend to Royalton, especially since at least one, Royalton Negril, is of the family-friendly variety.

Contact Information

  • Address: Norman Manley Blvd., Negril, Jamaica
  • Toll-Free Phone (North America): 1 888-530-1357 | Local Direct: 1-876 619-2303

Note: These numbers though listed on the Grand Lido website, will take you to Royalton Resorts. Just let the operator know you are calling to enquire about Grand Lido, not Royalton.

Ocho Rios

Again, I feel the need to remind you that Couples resorts are not entirely clothing optional but these two in Ocho Rios are the most prominent resorts to offer clothing-optional swimming.

Couples San Souci

Couples San Souci has the ultimate clothing optional experience. On this section of the beach, there is a pool, jacuzzi bar and grill. There is no need to leave the clothing optional section until you are ready to enjoy another section of the hotel.

Contact Information

  • Address: Ocho Rios, St. Ann
  • Phone: (876) 994-1206

Couples Tower Isle

While Couples Tower Isle does not have all the amenities in their clothing-optional section and San Souci does, the pool and swim-up bar are located on the island just off the coast of the main resort. On the island, clothing is not optional it is mandatory, so if this is the experience you would like to have, you will surely be surrounded by like-minded people and even better, there will be no tan lines to worry about.

Contact Information

  • Address: Tower Isle, Ocho Rios
  • Phone: (876) 975-4271

The Sandals Montego Bay and Royal Caribbean hotels in (you guessed it), Montego Bay, are often mistaken as clothing optional. This got me curious as I have never seen anyone exercise this “right” at any of the Sandals resorts I have been to.

After speaking with them, it was confirmed that clothes are mandatory at all Sandals resorts in Jamaica, just as I had suspected.

From my knowledge, there are no clothing-optional hotels in Montego Bay.

If you aren’t searching specifically for clothing-optional hotels, but you still would prefer an adults-only experience, then these are some of the options available to you all over the island.

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Are All The Beaches In Jamaica Clothing Optional? | Written: December 2, 2022

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