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Conu'co Market At The Cove
Art Shows In Jamaica

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Art Shows In Jamaica | Photo Credit:  2Ielasandalsandaccessoriesja (Instagram)Art Shows In Jamaica | Photo Credit: Ielasandalsandaccessoriesja (Instagram)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

There is something to be said about Jamaicans and their ability to create tangible items from the resources fund locally and the Conu’co Market at the Cove does an excellent job of displaying this.

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We met many creatives who have been able to turn their passions into lucrative businesses and they were all showcased at the Conu’co Market at the Cove. Here are some of the talented entrepreneurs we met.

1. Iela Sandals & Accessories Jamaica

Art Shows In Jamaica | Iela Sandals & Accessories JAArt Shows In Jamaica | Iela Sandals & Accessories JA

This family-run business has been providing leather bags, sandals as well as jewellery made with commonly found materials in Jamaica.  Iela Sandals & Accessories Jamaica embodies the essence of true Jamaican creativity.

Although the products they make are commonly found, it is the uniqueness of the style that makes them stand out. And after over 20 years in the business, you can see why. 

Contact Information

  • Instagram: ielasandalsandaccessoriesja
  • Phone: +1 876 345-6386/ +1 876-545-6286
  • Email:

2. Accents by Nzuri Objedar

When you think of flower pots, I’m sure you’re not thinking of elegant pots made from granite or marble. For me, it is definitely my first time hearing of let alone seeing this but it quickly became one of my favourite pieces from the day.

Deciding on a particular aesthetic for your home is important to most people and if your style is a little more refined and elegant, then these pots are perfect for you. They come in many different sizes in varying marble and granite styles. They are most suited for indoor plants and orchids.

Contact Information

  • Instagram: accentsbynzuri
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 876-205-2234

3. Art of Clay 

Claud Hoilett has taken his love for art and clay and turned it into something truly spectacular. If you want a flower pot made from clay but doesn’t “look like” it is, then one of 

The glazed clay pots would be perfect for you. The glazed look is not only for style, but it also increases the durability of the product as it will be better able to withstand the elements. Though they are flower pots they can double as decorative pieces for shelves and tables as well. 

Claud also creates wall art and sculpted faces from clay as well as custom jewellery. Art of Clay products are African-inspired.

Contact Information

  • Email: 
  • Phone: +1 876-365-6049 / +1 876-778-1448
Art Shows In Jamaica | Mainstage At Conu'co MarketArt Shows In Jamaica | Mainstage At Conu'co Market

4. Delrosa Home Decor

If you’re looking for a statement piece, a conversation starter if you will, Delrosa Home Décor is the company for you.

Their products are made from the oddest combination of naturally found items, that somehow just go together seamlessly, making the perfect statement piece for your home.

5. Suatisac

The Sautisac cloth bags are a cute addition to any outfit The handmade cloth bags feature beautiful pictures taken along the hope river in St. Andrew.

These cloth bags are totes, crossbody bags, wristbands, waist bags, travel, clutch, pouches and many more.

Contact Information

  • Instagram: sautisacja 
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 876-295-8810

6. Crochet Jungle Experience 

Mr Winston Cameron describes crochet as his passion and if you take one look at his crochet swimwear line you would agree that his talent is undeniable.

However great those products are, that is still not all Mr Cameron and his wife Anna can do. Recycling is a big part of the Crochet Jungle Experience and so, many of their products are upcycled art. 

7. Irie Arts

Art Shows In Jamaica | Irie ArtsArt Shows In Jamaica | Irie Arts

Have you ever looked at plain old sand and thought to yourself, this would make the perfect sculpture? No? Me either. But, luckily for us, the creative mind behind Irie Arts did.

And now we know it is possible to make a 3D turtle from the sand. Most of her items are animals, mainly, sea creatures but it's her sand clocks that are a best seller in Negril where the business is based. The woven or braided pieces are also great home decor pieces as well.

Contact Information

  • Instagram: irieartjamaica

8. Angel Beads By A

The beautiful collection of handmade jewellery makes up the Angel Beads By A brand. They have bracelets anklets, waist beads and gemstones for both men and women.

Also, for bright colourful purses, totes, fanny packs, and duffel bags you can contact them just the same.

Contact Information

  • Instagram: angelbeadsby_A

9. Sea Moss Boss

Jamaicans have always believed in the healing powers of Sea Moss, especially for impotence and joint pains but now the Sea Moss Boss has ventured into creating skin and hair care products from the item as well.

I had no idea that so many items could be made from sea moss until I took a look at the Sea Moss Boss product line. There is obviously, raw wild crafted Jamaican Sea Moss that is dried and packaged then we have:

  • Whipped Sea Moss scrub (with pink Himalayan salt)
  • Moisturizing Shampoo Bar (with aloe and tea tree oil)
  • Sea Moss Gel (original or infused with elderberry, spirulina, or acai berries)
  • Sea Moss bath soaps (with Jamaican loofah attached) 
  • Sea Moss Face Soap (original, apple cider, coconut charcoal, turmeric

Contact Information

  • Website: 

10. Robb Anthony Activewear (RAW)

Leatherette bags designed and made by hand are available from Mr Anthony. No matter the reason or occasion his luggage collection has something to match, although his duffel bags or weekend bags are best sellers. Custom leather bags are done on request as well.

Contact Information

  • Instagram: robbanthony1
  • Facebook: robbanthony
  • Phone: +1 876-431-4998

All the creatives at Conu’co Market at the Cove gave different reasons behind what makes Jamaica special in their opinion which all somehow came back to our converted landscape, climate and naturally found resources, our food and music, and of course, the warmth creativity and ingenuity of our people.

Conu’co Market at the Cove is a yearly event and so if you happen to be in St. Ann at the next stage you should visit to see the best of Jamaica on display.

You can reach out to these creatives at any time to get yourself a beautiful item. Or, they would make the perfect gift as well. Your choice!

Watch Video! Art Shows In Jamaica

These artisans at the Conu'co Market display their beautiful pieces. Take a look!

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