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Avis Car Rental Kingston Jamaica
Car Rental Services

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avis_rental_jamaicaAvis Car Rental Kingston Jamaica

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Whether you are a visitor or a local, renting a car is one of the most convenient ways to get around the island. With rental vehicles, long drives with random stops are less of an issue.

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There can be some skepticism when it comes to renting and all that comes with it, especially if you are new to renting or even new to driving in Jamaica. As such you want to ensure that you choose a car rental company that has been in the business for a long time and has a positive reputation. One such company is Acis Car Rental.

About Avis Car Rental

With more than 5,000 outlets across more than 165 countries, Avis Rent A Automobile and its partner firms run one of the most well-known car rental brands in the world. In terms of innovation, Avis is still a market leader in the vehicle rental sector and one of the top brands in the world for retaining customers.

The company that owns and manages the Avis brand globally is Avis Budget Group, Inc. The authorized representative of Avis in Jamaica is Bargain Rent-a-Car (Jamaica) Limited.

They have been in business since 1983, giving them over thirty years of experience in the car rental sector. They changed their name to Avis in 2004 and introduced Jamaica to the elite Avis car rental service.

What they offer:

  • Variety: They are cognizant that various customers will have diverse requirements and so desire to rent varying types of vehicles. For those travelling for business with coworkers sedans, which come in a variety of sizes from tiny to full-size, would be perfect. While those taking the entire family on a trip might adore roomy buses or minivans. Or if you are considering visiting the stunning Blue Mountains their selection of SUVs that will cover all your needs might be more suitable.

  • Affordable rates: Their rental fees are reasonable. Additionally, they provide additional discounts for groups, and their corporate prices are some of the most affordable on the island.

  • GPS Navigator: If you have travelled in Jamaica before you might now be aware that most GPS systems that come with vehicles are not helpful on the island. While helpful Jamaicans may frequently advise you in the right direction, it is not always the best choice or a convenient one. Avis Car Rental GPS Navigators will make it simple and precise for you to get around the island. Their Garmin GPS devices provide detailed maps that show not only roads but also other sites of interest including hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations, ATMs, hospitals, and much more, making it much easier for you to get to exactly where you would like to go.

  • 24-Hour Complimentary Roadside Assistance: In the unlikely case of a mechanical issue or an unanticipated emergency, Avis is available to you around-the-clock. You can rely on them whether you have a flat tire, locked your keys in the car, need a jump start or pretty much any other scenario you can think of.

  • Car Sales: For individuals wishing to buy high-quality, well-kept secondhand cars, there are Avis Car Sales. The program offers a variety of recent models at competitive pricing, along with a hassle-free automobile purchase experience.

  • Child Safety Seats: Safeguard your children without having to carry a cumbersome car seat. Reservations for child seats can be made online or in any of the Avis outlets on the island.

Protections & Coverages

The full value of the Avis vehicle is the responsibility of the renter. As long as you adhere to the rental agreement conditions, you may acquire waivers that lower your financial responsibility in the event of loss or damage to the Avis vehicle. There are the following options:

  • Partial Damage Waiver (P.D.W.)- The P.D.W., as its name implies, lessens the renter's culpability in the event of loss or damage to the rental vehicle (any single event). Typically, a major credit card provides both the rental amount and the responsibility amount of the agreement.

  • Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.)- The Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.) releases the renter from responsibility if the Avis car is lost or damaged (any single event).

Avis Car Rental Usage Policy

Unauthorised persons should not be allowed behind the wheel of Avis vehicles even if they are licenced to drive. Drivers must be at least twenty-one (21) years old, and they must not be in any of the following situations when operating, driving, or using the vehicle:

  • a revoked, suspended, expired or otherwise invalid license
  • under the influence of any substance which may impair his/her faculties
  • to transport people and/or property for compensation
  • to transport hazardous or explosive substances
  • to give driving lessons
  • to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or another object
  • to enter any competitive racing, pace-making or testing event
  • in any abusive, reckless, or grossly negligent manner
  • beyond its rated capacity concerning weight/occupancy
  • in any illegal activity
  • violation of any parking/traffic rules

Of course, for more information on their other policies, making reservations or FAQs you can visit their website or give them a call.

Contact Information

  • Address (Head Office): 1 Merrick Ave, Kingston 10
  • Phone: (876) 926-8021
  • Fax: (876) 929-4998
  • Website:

Interested in other car rental companies in Kingston? You can find more awesome options here.

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Avis Car Rental Kingston Jamaica | Written: December 30, 2022

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