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Jamaica Currency
History, Denominations  & Current Exchange Rates

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jamaica currency - denominationsJamaica Currency | Paper Denominations except the $5000

Contributed by Stacey Ann Gayle

Denoted by the code JMD, our local currency comes in the form of notes and coins, or dollars and cents.

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Jamaica Currency History

The first monies that were used here were pesos, reales and coins (gold and silver) used by the Spaniards, and pounds, shilling and pence use by the British.

In the 1960’s the Bank of Jamaica was given sole responsibility by the Jamaican parliament for providing coins and notes to be officially used for our currency.

The front of these moneys (then) bore a portrait of Queen Elizabeth 11, the Jamaican coat of arms, and the signature of the first governor of the bank, Stanley w. Payton. On the back appeared different images of Jamaican life.

Jamaican Currency Today

jamaica currency

Our money today can be identified either by a former national hero (or heroine), or a past leader of the country.

Also some national symbol would be on it too, for example the ackee - the national fruit, or the National Coat of Arms.

Growing up we would have these moneys in notes ranging from 50¢; $2.00; $5; $10 and $20 and could be used to purchase a lot of items at the local shop or supermarket.

Nowadays you will find them in coins of various shapes and sizes; sadly though, they cannot be used to purchase much - if anything at all!

The notes that are currently used today are the $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2000 and $5,000. All Jamaican notes have the same size and shape. The coins that are currently in use are in $1; $5; $10 and $20 denominations.

What Is The Current Exchange Rate

The exchange rate varies daily, but as of November 6, 2019, the Jamaica currency rate (to the USD), according to the Bank Of Jamaica, was $139.39 Jamaican dollars to the US dollar. Remember this is the buying price, meaning the rate that banks will buy it from you at.

If they are selling (giving) it to you for Jamaican dollars, it is usually at at higher rate. At the above date, it was $141 JMD for 1 USD. The rate to buy and sell at each bank may differ. 

As of July 15, 2022 though, the exchange rate has gone up to JMD $151.77 per USD $1.

jamaica currency rates todayJamaica Currency (past) Rates
Jamaica Currency Exchange rate

Note that twenty (20) other currencies are listed with rates relative to the Jamaican Dollar, these are the...

  • E. C. DOLLAR
  • EURO
  • SWISS FRANC & the

Remember you can always get the most updated Jamaica exchange rate at the Bank Of Jamaica's website. Click this link to hop over and see for yourself.

I Should Tell You...

By the way, if you are coming here with USD, do note that most business places and institutions in Jamaica, especially those that do business in the tourist industry, does accept the use of the United States dollar so you and our visitors will have no problem when you get here.

You can exchange the US dollar or any other currency in Jamaica at any bank, Cambio or foreign exchange (fx) trader.

Electronic instruments are also widely accepted in Jamaica today.
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