Best Place To Live In Jamaica For A Returning Resident

by Crystal
(Florida U.S)

QUESTION about: Where is the best place to live in Jamaica for a returning resident?

ANSWER: by W. Gayle

Hi Crystal,

I’m smiling right now… it is funny that you are asking me this question when I’m getting others about the limited state of emergency (now called ESM, Enhanced Security Measures) which is on now in St. James parish, until May I heard.

SiteNote: A limited state of emergency allows law enforcers special powers to deal with an outbreak of violence or disruption in the parish.

The irony my friend, is that, even though we have crime concentrated in some areas, perpetuated by state negligence (if you ask me), I am encouraged that many well thinking persons still belive in, and have high hopes for Jamaica Land We Love.

By the way, I did some research after getting your question and got some insightful education for myself.

A few montsh ago, according to top social scientist Dr. Herbert Gayle (my name sake), the safest places (parishes) in Jamaica are Portland, St Elizabeth, Manchester, St Mary, St Ann, and St Thomas, in that order.

According to him, in all of these parishes males of the combatant age (15-34 years) are heavily employed in agriculture and/or fishing. In many of these rural parishes or communities, young men own houses or at least a 'shed' (small dwelling) and/or own small businesses and farms.

But those parishes don’t necessarily provide all that you might be looking for as a retiree. To answer your question, it depends somewhat on preferences.

Kingston, for example, has most, if not all, access to the amenities you might be looking for, from top hospitals, health care, shopping, proximity, transportation and entertainment. But it is bustling and might not be the place for serenity (generally speaking), unless that is your preference.

The place I find that most returning residents seems to heading to is Mandeville, the capital of Manchester – and for good reason. It is in the coolest part (literally) in Jamaica and also the middle of the inland, but still have adequate amenties in relatively close proximity, including hospitals. By the way, a few years ago a survey by local media suggested that Manchester, the parish of Mandeville, was said to be the happiest parish on the island! So there you go.

If you have kids, Mandeville is also home to several top quality private schools.

That said, there are a host of other great places to live here, including well developed housing schemes (in every parish). I live in Montego Bay in a scheme house and feels relatively safe, for example, and my friends June and Maura (returnees) both live in Whitehouse, Westmoreland (albeit in high end scheme homes) but never had crime problems either.

As a start, I’d suggest you speak to a knowledgeable real estate agent to ascertain some of the best schemes in you preferred parish to consider a home.

Remember, most of the major crimes you hear about in Jamaica is confined to the depressed areas or is linked to gang activity –some of which is tied to the unfortunate scamming situation (sad to say, but true). I’d suggest you also read my article on is Jamaica safe for more information.

I hope this was helpful.




Comments for Best Place To Live In Jamaica For A Returning Resident

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Feb 13, 2018
Mandeville has become a magnet
by: John Blenkiron

I agree with your observations, especially regarding Mandeville.

The downside, though, is that the downtown traffic has become horrendous. The downtown core is bustling and finding a parking spot in one of the many shopping centres after a bumper to bumper traffic crawl can be quite exasperating.

Feb 12, 2018
Best place to live
by: Anonymous

I believe Chancery Hall St.Andrew Is the most serene place to live. It's cool and lush with vegetation. The view is absolutely breath taking.

No noisy traffic or loud sound systems to disturb the tranquility.

Feb 12, 2018
Excellent Response!
by: Anonymous

Excellent response, well reasoned and researched! Ultimately the parish depends on personal preferences!

Feb 11, 2018
Everywhere YOU choose to live is safe.
by: Microdac Videos

As far as Jamaica is concerned it has been my experience that it is not so much the place as it is the people living there. Having said that, I believe that you will pick a place with like-minded people and thus you will be safe. I am fortunate in that even having been to many, many places, the people I meet (my friends) are all receptive to my values and my chosen way of life. You see, I am a bit old fashioned and sentimental. I embrace the New Age philosophies and I do believe in Jamaica's motto: "Out of many - one people" just I agree and live my life knowing that I am my brother's keeper. Pick a place to match your income. Make friends and do your best to make that place safe. Simple, I know, but I believe it. I love ALL of Jamaica.

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