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Best Jamaican White Rum Mixes
The Best Way To Drink Jamaican Rum

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jamaican_white_rum_j_wray_and_nephew.PNGBest Way To Drink Jamaican Rum | J. Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

The best way to drink Jamaican Rum, for me at least, is definitely not neat on the rocks. It must be diluted. Not that Jamaican Rum is the strongest rum of all, but it is one of the strongest rums in the Caribbean.

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There is more than one type of rum in Jamaica, and what you will find is that they range in colours and strengths. The alcohol content ranges from 40% to over 75% alcohol. The most popular type of rum sold in Jamaica is the light rum, also known as white rum.

  1. J. Wray and Nephew - We have many White Rum Brands in Jamaica, the most popular being Appleton’s J. Wray and Nephew which comes in at 63% alcohol. Some people say there are fruity notes, hints of sugar cane and molasses once you get behind the heat of the overproof rum.

  2. Rum Fire - In taste, Rum Fire is closest to J. Wray and Nephew. Produced by Hampden Estate, Rum Fire is a newer overproof rum on the market but it has definitely garnered its own cult following over the years.

  3. Charley’s J.B. Rum - While Wray and Nephew and even Rum Fire and Rumbar to some extent have had commercial success, J.B. rum is Jamaica’s secret. The bottle is not very memorable but the unrefined taste of the rum directly marketed to Jamaicans definitely is.

    Although it is 63% alcohol, much like other Jamaican overproof rums, it has a distinct, unhinged character, making it a favourite among those in rural areas.

    Charley’s JB Rum, locally known as John Crow batty is so-called for two reasons. One, it is said that one must have a stomach as strong as the John Crow’s (a vulture that feeds on decaying flesh) even to attempt drinking this rum. Others say it accurately describes the taste of the rum.

    Labourers and older Jamaican men hardly ever want a fruity chaser and often opt to have JB with water and maybe a few cubes of ice. It is quite popular at grave digging and wakes.

  4. Rum-Bar - Often with Jamaican rum, the scent infiltrates your nose immediately as the bottle is opened, almost as a warning of what is to come. But Rum-Bar, although it is 63% just the same, is not as direct a punch on the nose. You almost get a chance to savour the taste before it lets you know exactly what is about to happen, unlike Wray and Nephew which throws you off the deep end on your first attempt at swimming.

  5. Monymusk - Of all the Jamaican Overproof rums available, Monymusk is the farthest away in taste from Wray and Nephew. So if you are searching for something different from the more pungent rums Jamaica is known for in both taste and smell, then you might like Monymusk. But don’t mistake this for thinking it is not as strong, this is also 63% and still has a strong burn.

Best Way to Drink Jamaican Rum

One thing that all Jamaican rums are known for is the fruity, sugary notes which makes it great for drink mixes.

If we had Jamaican rum neat or on the rocks all the time, the party, carnival, dance or whatever we are having would last all of 20 minutes.

Our favourites, which will take little to no time to make are:

jamaican rum punchJamaican Rum Punch
  1. Duppy Bat - An authentic duppy bat is made from Wray and Nephew and the Jamaican carbonated grapefruit soda, Ting. Now though, you can switch out the Wray and Nephew for your favourite overproof rum.

  2. Rum Special (Rum and Boom) - Any white rum combined with Boom, a Jamaican energy drink is called a Rum Special. Younger Jamaicans often drink this, but it is not recommended as it is known to cause heart complications, especially in persons with hypertension.

  3. Rum and Coke (in our case Pepsi) - There isn’t much to say about this one. If you are familiar with Rum and Coke, then it is the same thing. Most Jamaicans prefer Pepsi, so you won’t find Coke in the average Jamaican shop.

  4. Rum and Sorrel - A true sign of Christmas, Rum and sorrel is one of the main highlights of the season. After making the sorrel drink, adding a cup (or two) of white rum just seems fitting.

  5. Rum Punch - Probably the most famous drink with white rum, rum punch is a delicious fruit drink with nearly equal parts rum if it is made right. We don’t only add rum to fruit punch though, we add it to many other drinks as well.

  6. Rum and Milk - No one ever believes this one, but, Rum and Milk is a popular drink here. Both cow’s milk and a Jamaican favourite, Lasco food drink.
jamaican_sorrel_drinkJamaican Sorrel

These are the best ways to drink Jamaican rum but you can always experiment and create your own.

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Best Way To Drink Jamaican Rum | Written: October 26, 2022

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