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Drinks Made With Jamaican Rum
10 Of Our Favourite Alcoholic Beverages

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jamaican_drink_mixesdrinks made with jamaican rum

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Jamaica has a rich culture of celebrations. Our people are just always ecstatic about the good things in life, regardless of how small they may seem. Celebrations are the perfect reason to party. And party? Thatโ€™s the perfect reason to 'hol a glass' and let the drinks flow. Let me just say without a doubt, that a party isnโ€™t a party without some good old drinks made with Jamaican rum.

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In general, when you hear the term Jamaican rum, it is specifically in reference to the Jamaican White Rum, coconut rum or Appleton estate rum. Yes, of course, Jamaicans drink other rums and alcohols, from vodkas to tequilas, to whiskey and many more, we drink them all. There is something about Jamaican Rum that makes it stand out on its own.

What Is Unique About Jamaican Rum?

What makes Jamaican rum so unique is the process of how it is made and the ingredients that are used. Firstly, Jamaican rums contain no artificial flavourings or sugar. Secondly, because it is made from sugar cane and filtered limestone water it has a naturally sweet flavour.

How Do They Drink Rum In Jamaica?

Drinks Made With Jamaican Rum | Rum With Sorrel

Jamaicans add rum to pretty much everything you can think of so the list of drinks made with Jamaican rum is quite lengthy. If you have ever been to Jamaica, I am sure that you are quite familiar with more resort friendly rum flavoured drinks like Pina Colada, rum punch, blended fruit punch with rum and much more.

While those are tasty, they are not a true reflection of how the majority of Jamaicans have their rum. Here are some drinks made with Jamaican rum that locals enjoy and I'm sure you will too.

Drinks Made With Jamaican Rum


1. Rum And Water

Isnโ€™t it odd to go to a bar and order a drink of rum and water? Well here it isn't, as a matter of fact, it is a favourite among the elderly men. Just a simple mix of any white rum and some tap water (never add ice) and nicknamed โ€œfirewaterโ€ in some rural areas.

The younger generation has switched it up a bit and instead of using plain white rum and water, they use a darker rum, like Appleton estate, with coconut water.

2. Rum And Lasco

This sweet treat is loved locally and combines two of our favourite things, rum and Lasco.

If you donโ€™t know, there is a local company named Lasco, which manufactures a wide range of products, but the one definitely used by everyone is their Lasco Food Drink Mix, which is basically powdered milk that comes in many flavours, the most popular of all is the vanilla flavour.

So, to make this all you need to do is make a cup of your favourite Lasco Food Drink (the more you use, the sweeter it gets) then add your desired amount of Jamaican White rum and a few cubes of ice. Mix well! Many claims that this drink also helps to soothe an upset stomach. I think it's an excuse to have a drink.

3. Rum And Pepsi

If you are from the United States you might be more accustomed to ordering rum and coke, but in Jamaica, it is rum and Pepsi. Even though both drinks are similar, Jamaicans prefer the more distinctive taste of Pepsi.

4. Coconut Rum And Orange Juice

I like to call this the Jamaican Mimosa, you won't find locals just grabbing a bottle of champagne unless it's for a special occasion, so on those regular days, we grab a bottle of coconut rum and add our orange juice. Culturally similar to mimosas because it is seen as a feminine drink.

5. Rum And Ting

This is another popular drink. Ting is a grapefruit soda that is normally paired with many alcohols like white rum, coconut rum, vodka and even whisky.

6. Steel Bottom (Rum And Beer)

This is another drink that is more popular among the elderly group. It is a combination of white rum and Red Stripe beer. To make this, pour some white overproof rum in a cup then slowly add your beer. You should be able to see the rum separate from the beer when you are finished. Start by sipping slowly, then chug the remainder.

7. Rum and Boom (energy drink)

Because of its notoriety, this drink is not recommended as it has actually caused serious health complications for some people. Boom is a locally manufactured energy drink that is often paired with white rum.

It has become so popular over the past couple of years, especially with the younger men, that it has gained its name, โ€œSpecialโ€. Many people have said that when consumed, the drink has caused them to have a 'racing heart'. Definitely don't try if you are hypertensive or have any other medical condition.

8. Sorrel Juice with Rum

Traditionally had during the Christmas season this drink is very flavourful and quite healthy too. The sorrel, rum, and ginger are left to โ€œsoakโ€ for weeks, sometimes even months in advance so the flavours can get stronger over time. The rum lengthens the shelf life of the mixture and also asks as a flavour enhancer.

9. Pumpkin Juice With Rum

This is a delicious blend of pre-cooked pumpkin, cinnamon powder, condensed milk, nutmeg and a lot of rum. It makes a great addition to traditional Jamaican Sunday dinners.

10. Soursop Juice With Rum

This is not just a drink, it is an experience! All you need is the pulp of a well ripen soursop which you'll blend until smooth, add condensed milk, a dash of lime, vanilla, nutmeg and of course, rum! Chill before drinking.

Many other rum combinations were not included here. You can't exhaust the possibilities in a country where rum can be added to soups and gravies. There is, therefore, a lot that must be left unsaid.

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