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Black Friday Sale In Jamaica - What To Expect

by Deon Clarke | Associate Writer

There is no doubt, Jamaicans love to shop, shop and shop, even if it’s just window shopping. In recent years Jamaicans have adopted the “Black Friday” sales culture from the United States. It is often said that “when America sneezes, Jamaica catches a cold”. This is certainly true for Black Friday sales here in Jamaica. The day after Thanksgiving has become a great marketing opportunity for many businesses and somewhat sets the pace for Christmas shopping. As a result, you will find that around the end of November leading right up to Christmas is usually buzzing with busy shoppers and dazzling deals.

Let’s have a look at what to expect in Jamaica.
  1. Weekend Long Sale - Black Friday sales usually last for the entire weekend (Friday to Sunday) so be prepared for a long weekend of deals.

  2. Sales Frenzy - Black Friday sales is practically a frenzy in Jamaica. It is highly anticipated for thousands of retailers and shoppers alike, capitalizing on well-needed sales and well-needed deals. Be prepared for some mind-blowing deals, up to 70% discount at some retailers.

  3. Extended Shopping Hours - Black Friday in Jamaica is almost like Grand Market where shopping hours are extended from early until very late to give shoppers a chance to get the best deals or discounts.

  4. Long Lines – As this is a very highly anticipated event (some persons would have been saving for months to buy that dream item), you will find that there are usually long lines at some retailers from very early in the morning. So remember, “the early bird catches the worm”.

  5. Change In Prices – Yes, unfortunately, some retailers might advertise a particular item for a particular price but when you get there the price is inflated due to the volume of customers all competing for the same item or some other story, so walk with extra dollars if you really need the item- just in case.

  6. Online Shopping Deals – Jamaicans are shopping online now more than ever, especially since the onset of the Coronavirus. There are great deals that they look forward to both locally and internationally for this Black Friday and into the Christmas season.

  7. Dehydration – This may not be something that many people think about but it is of utmost importance. Walk with your water or drink to stay hydrated as you might just be waiting for much longer periods than expected. You certainly don’t want to faint or feel ill while you wait.

  8. Observation of Covid-19 Protocols – Yes, Covid-19 is still a thing, whether you are vaccinated or not. Most stores will not allow you inside without sanitizing and your mask and remember to practice social distancing. Don’t throw caution out the window, your health comes first.

  9. Pick-Pockets/Thieves – A sad reality but true. Just as much as shoppers are busy trying to get the best deals, you can expect to find pickpockets and thieves out in their numbers just as much. Be careful of your surroundings – where you park, where you use the ATM, where you swipe your debit/credit cards, the taxis you take. Be observant while you shop.

  10. Deals Across Industries – Of course, you will be glad to know that Black Friday sales are not just limited to the retail industry but also, hospitality, banking and financial services, and other industries. So, that dream vacation weekend you always wanted to take, or that dream car you just have to get, now is a great time to get some amazing discounts and reduced rates!
But Wait! It gets even better! Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday. Time to get your electronics, gadgets and just about anything online at discounted costs! This is really a great time for shopping to get those long-awaited dream electronic items for the best prices that you can imagine.

Though Covid-19 has certainly taken the fun out of the shopping experience with the mask-wearing, social distancing and curfew hours, let us try to make the most of these deals while keeping as safe as possible and following the protocols. I hope this will be made up for in the prices though, lol! Until next Black Friday, happy (and safe) shopping!!

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