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Top 4 Bookstores In Kingston Jamaica

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jamaican_school_booksBookstores In Kingston Jamaica

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Whether you are looking for fictional novels, educational books and tools, or art and crafts supplies, your best bet is always finding a bookstore in Jamaica. While there are many bookstores in Kingston, these 4 are the definite go-to.

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Not only do they supply textbooks for all ages but, you will likely find those classic Jamaican stories that we get asked about quite often on the website.

Kingston Bookstore

The largest bookshop in the Caribbean, Kingston Bookshop (KB), has hundreds of items in stock that are prepared for shipping.

From its online store, distribution centres, retail locations, and sales office in Kingston, Jamaica, they sell books, stationery, gadgets, games, and gifts to clients in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. The first retail location of Kingston Bookshop (KB), founded by Leslie Ridout and Steadman Fuller Snrwas established in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica, in 1974.

For almost 50 years, they have been Jamaica's top books and office supplies supplier. Thousands of B2B clients with bulk requirements come to their sales offices from all across Jamaica and the Caribbean, including resellers, offices, and schools, to name a few.

They have established delightful reading spaces where kids can go and read and also take part in regular reading sessions, breaking through the barriers of being a "conventional bookstore."

Additionally, consumers have access to the internet and a variety of printing services through their cyber centres, which are housed in seven physical stores.

KB has gathered exclusive distribution rights to an impressive array of book publishers and stationery producers throughout the years. Oxford University Press, Roblitz Enterprises Ltd., RCM Music Foundation, Bluetang, SunZone, Sugar Bee, and Royards Publishing are a few of their publishing partners.

Some of their stationary partners are manufacturers like Acco Brands, Maped, MonAmi, Stabilo, Astra, Navneet, Lestert Impex, Helix, and Changsha Imports.

Contact Information

  • Address: 74 King Street, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Phone: 876-922-7016


In Kingston, at 92 Hope Road, this independent bookshop named Bookophilia debuted in 2008. The mission of Bookophilia is to create a platform for excellent literature, writing, and many forms of artistic expression.

The bookstore is renowned for its regular book releases, book signings, and art exhibitions in support of the community's creative workers, particularly writers. Free children's story time every Saturday, Free Wifi, and a range of exquisite cafรฉ fare are just a few of the amenities that Bookophilia offers to promote a tranquil and productive environment for everybody.

Customers are welcome to read and interact with books before purchasing the store and cafรฉ's "read in-store" policy.

The meaning of their name is "intense or exceptional attraction to books" (philia, affection, and philos, loving).

Contact Information

  • Address: 92 Hope Rd, Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 672-9382

Sangster's Book Store

In 1938, Ferdie Sangster started what is now known as Sangster's Book Store Limited by pedalling his bicycle through the streets of Kingston and peddling digest and ring boxing magazines. Ferdie and his wife Mable opened their first store in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1941 thanks to their combined ambition and dedication, as well as the assistance of good Samaritans.

They went on to create numerous other stores there. The largest bookstore in the Caribbean and South America at the time, his Harbour Street location was the most prominent. After 80 years With 13 sites island-wide and a dedicated core of staff, Sangster's Book Store Limited is a well-known brand.

Now that you can shop online, you may pick from a huge selection of books, stationery, and office supplies as well as instructional materials. Sangsterโ€™s Bookstore is also the proud proprietor of the Mrs Louise Bennett Coverly titles.

Contact Information

  • Address: 17, 10 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 926-1800

Bryan's Bookstore

This bookstore began at the University of Technology in Jamaica, primarily serving the campus community by supplying snacks, stationery, trade books, textbooks, and other supplies. It has expanded significantly over the previous 24 years, though, and currently has four branches and more than 30 employees.

By marketing and distributing the Jolly Phonics Program exclusively as well as other innovative and successful products, the company is a market leader at the higher end of the market for tertiary education and is quickly emerging as a significant player in the Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary arenas.

They provide a wide range of distinctive goods that support the multisensory method of learning.

Contact Information

  • Address: Constant Spring Rd, Kingston
  • Phone: (876) 754-6422

Other Bookstores in Kingston are:

  • The Readers' Book Shop- (876) 970-0969
  • Bookland New Kingston- (876) 926-4035
  • Book Depot- (876) 619-8419
  • Stationery World and Book Center Ltd- (876) 619-0931
  • Source of Light Bookstore- (876) 920-8311
  • Kozy Korner Books N More- (876) 669-6813

These bookstores also have locations in Montego Bay as well.

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Top 4 Bookstores In Kingston Jamaica | Written: January 4, 2022

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