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Call Centers In Jamaica


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Call Centers In Jamaica | Conduent - Montego BayCall Centers In Jamaica | Conduent - Montego Bay

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

International businesses with locations in Europe, Asia, and other regions have used the country's BPO sector as a location for their offshoring operations. For US-based businesses, it has also been a nearshoring powerhouse in terms of call center jobs.

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Compared to having their call centers in-house, these companies can save up to 40%–60% of their costs by nearshoring. The primary factors that influence American businesses to nearshore to Jamaica are the close proximity, cultural compatibility, and economic ties shared between both countries.

Additionally, the nation is ranked as the third-largest English-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere. The BPO industry in the area has the full support of the Jamaican government.

Here are some of the major call centers in Jamaica:


Montego Bay, North America, and Latin America are where Itel's physical locations are. It primarily provides intelligent business process and contact center management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Itel is renowned as a multi-sector, award-winning provider of customer experience on a global scale. Among them are automotive, entertainment & gaming, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and other sectors.

Collective Solutions

The founders of Collective Solutions are businesspeople who want to provide large corporations and other businesses with collective call center solutions. Along with its physical location in Sandy Bay, the company also has a presence abroad in California, the Philippines, and Honduras.

Visionary Outsourcing Solutions

In 2016, Visionary Outsourcing Solutions was established in Montego Bay. This BPO company specializes in automated and interactive services for inbound and outbound call centers.

In addition to having a skilled workforce, first-rate services, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

NICE Global

Some of NICE Global's customer service options are technical support, after-hours assistance, sales, back-office operations, answering services, and email.

Montego Bay is home to this nearshore inbound call center provider. More specifically, it focuses on the financial, business, and consumer products and services industries.

ADS Global

At its headquarters in Montego Bay, ADS Global currently employs anywhere between 250 and 999 people. This BPO company offers consulting, contact center management solutions, and audience development services in addition to traditional call center roles to various businesses around the world.

VXI Global Solutions Inc.

This multinational BPO company has offices not only in Kingston but also in 42 other nations all over the world.

Since its founding in 1998, VXI Global Solutions Inc. has consistently raised the bar for global customer care services and customer experience.

Advantage Communications

In Canada, Mexico, and Jamaica, Advantage Communications has numerous offices. Having been in business since 1996, it provides high-standard customer service solutions that fit the needs and budgets of its clients.

Kingston and Portmore are the two locations in Jamaica where you can find Advantage Communications.


True to its well-known slogan, "Customer engagement matters," Startek provides customer care solutions uniquely and significantly.

This BPO company has been providing services to its international clients since 1987, working with a command center in Kingston and numerous global locations.

For many years, Startek has collaborated with companies in a variety of sectors, including technology, cable media, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications.

NK Customer Solutions

In Jamaica, one of the top BPO companies is NK Customer Solutions. For both its employees and clients, it aspires to be able to maintain a workplace that resembles a home.

This outsourcing company, which has its headquarters in Annotto Bay, offers services like billing and collections, customer service, data entry, order entry, and more.

Yateman International

Since 2004, Yateman International has provided comprehensive BPO services in Portmore. Data entry services, customer service, administrative support, and digital marketing roles are some of its featured services.

Additionally, they provide support for virtual assistants to clients from abroad. On their website, Yateman International claims to be one of Upwork's top-rated agencies with a 100% client job satisfaction rate.

Global Gateway

The largest owner-managed BPO company in Montego Bay is reputedly Global Gateway. The outsourcing firm has been offering its international clients workable contact center solutions since its founding in 2007.

Global Gateway provides services to telecommunications, healthcare, B2B, hospitality, and insurance businesses.


According to Etech, it is the top outsourcing provider of customer engagement solutions for many well-known brands worldwide. The 2003-founded BPO company currently has partnerships with over 47 content and satisfied clients from various countries.

Etech provides numerous call centre services, such as incoming and outgoing calls, emails, live chat, back-office support, technical support, and more.

The Jamaican outsourcing sector has been vital to the development of the economy there over the past few years. Over 60 BPO companies are currently operating in Jamaica, most of which are based in Mandeville, Montego Bay, Kingston, and Portmore. In general, these BPO companies can offer the population of the nation 36,000 jobs.

These companies usually advertise their vacancies on job search websites such as Caribbean Jobs, LinkedIn or Glassdoor. They often host job fairs or publish them on their individual websites as well.

Call centers in Jamaica account for a significant portion of Jamaica's employment rate. But there are other jobs available too, just in case you are searching, here are the main job options in Jamaica.

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Call Centers In Jamaica | Written: September 18th, 2022

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