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Looking For Cheap Hotels In Montego Bay? Here's Our Recommendation

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We have a number of cheap hotels in Montego Bay Jamaica, but truth be told, many of them (as the word suggest) are sub standard and to be honest with you, aren't worth the effort.

There is however, one (an all inclusive) that I've personally experienced and am extremely proud to recommend to you.  The name...
 SeaGarden Beach Resort!

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SeaGardens All Inclusive Beach Resort - At A Glance!


"Charming, character, great price, colonial feel with Jamaican smile, breathtaking views, spacious rooms, a hidden gem, perfectly situated".

... are just a few of the popular adjectives use by the guests of this relaxing getaway that sits at the end of Montego Bay's popular 'hip strip'! 

Their tag line reads... "Friendly People, Good Food & Family Fun", and they deliver! 

I was there with with my wife and 2 girls a few weeks ago and we had a blast! Read on for my complete review.


Can I tell you this, I've been to that area, now affectionately called the 'hip strip' :-) several times, but didn't even look across to this property?


In fact, when I told my wife we were going there for the weekend it puzzled her as she never knew this tranquil mid sized getaway was even here!

And what struck me most was.... yes, the colonial charm and great tranquil views!


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You know, the more I hop around the island, is the more I realize that the businesses that tend to do well here in Jamaica have one thing in common.

Yup, you guessed it.... great customer focus!
And SeaGarden Beach Resort demonstrated that to us!

Remember now, the staff, for the most part, had no idea who I am, so I managed to catch them in their 'natural habitat', and was quite impressed. 

I'll never remember all the names, but I certainly remember Tricia-Ann, Renae, Navonne, Diandra - and of course my two 'energy' partners, Keneisha & Kay Kay from the Games/Entertainment department.

By the way, did I mention Percy - the resident parrot? 


He is right on the walkway area (across from the Jasmine Dining Room), he might also have a few welcoming words for you. :-)

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Food was aplenty! But more importantly it had like the 'good ole' Jamaican taste - I loved that!


Don't believe me? Ask Ali (above)!

Bear in mind that she is not a big eater, but in addition to the inviting atmosphere, it tasted really good, she had a feast - especially so, since the options are many across breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Hold on, let me zoom into my breakfast a bit....
Ok, here you go (below)


Pretty simple; boiled bananas, ackee & saltfish, steamed vegetables and beans - pretty healthy huh? Yup, and it tasted good too :-)


Remember too that this is an all inclusive resort, so you typically get to serve yourself - buffet style!

And if you feel for a between meals snack, the beach bar and q  grill (across the road) has something for you - from sandwiches & french fries, to Jamaican jerk chicken and jerk pork!

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It was wonderful, we can tell you... again I should say, my daughters can tell you :-) 

And I'm happy because it was more for them than me and my wife. I promised them the treat after school closed for holidays.

Plus, Karena had won the top girl and most outstanding student in the school awards so it was more than fitting!


We were involved in all kinds of activities, from darts, pool and table tennis in the games rooms, to watching the young men play lawn tennis.


I even grabbed the opportunity to do some well needed presses at the gym. I was eager to get back the summer body in a day, lol. :-)


All great clean, family fun!

But the thing they enjoyed the most was the small private beach (across the road) and the pool.


And especially the pool! And more so since we ran into Ms Gena Evans with a group of teachers who were vacationing from Porus Primary in Manchester!


By the way, you'll hear the staff talk a lot about the private beach across the road - and for good reason; it really is a sweet little hideaway beach!


...and it is even sweeter, watching the chartered boats and passenger planes pass by between the gazebos.


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For such a warm accommodation that is still lesser known, I was curious to know who might be some of the notable persons they hosted over the last 3 years - and so I quizzed Michelle, the reservations manager.

She reeled off a long list that included:

  • Entertainers
    Etana, Sizzla & Luciano
  • Athletes
    Shelly Ann Frazer-Pryce & Sherone Simpson
  • Politicians
    Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Former Primer Minister Portia Simpson Miller, Governer General Patrick Allen & Parliamentarians, Mike Henry & Marlene Malahoo-Forte
  • And even Ms Canada Universe stayed here when she visited Jamaica!

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  • They host special themed nights, which includes Jamaica Night, Kaorake & Fire dancing. 
  • This mid-sized resort has 140 rooms that are known for space and picturesque views
  • Most furniture in the rooms and throughout the property are house made - right on property!
  • Most of its guests are from Canada (at least for now).
  • They cater to a lot of corporate events, including award ceremonies, cocktail parties and staff appreciation functions. 
  • The resort is Jamaican family owned and operated!
  • They boast rooms, all fully equipped, from standard to penthouse, each however with its own personality.

So in a nutshell, you have my full recommendation of this resort as one of the best cheap hotels in Montego Bay - and especially so, since it is an all inclusive!

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Contact Sea Gardens Beach Resort

For more information, including rates, availability and reservation, simply complete this form (below the picture) and Michelle or someone else from the team will get back to you soon.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

You may also use the following information below to contact them; tell them I told you :-)


SeaGarden Beach Resort, 
8 Kent Avenue 
Montego Bay, Jamaica, WI


1 876 979-7761

Int'l Toll Free: 
US 1 (844) 742-7778
UK +442037695341



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