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Construction Rates In Jamaica  Independent Construction Rates 2020-2022!


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by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

How do I get a copy of the parish council rate sheet? Do you have a copy of the rate sheet for construction in Jamaica? Where can I find a copy of the master builders’ wage rates?

What are the construction industry trade rates? Is there an independent contractor rate sheet in Jamaica? Can you share a rate sheet for construction in Jamaica? What are the current construction rates in Jamaica?

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Some of your very own questions over the years and we have tried to answer them all, to give you a better understanding of construction in Jamaica, what to expect when building and an idea of the cost of material and labour when building.

The prior (Independent contractor's rate sheet for builders in Jamaica 2018-2019 ) was great, but with the consistent rise in inflation and the cost of material and labour increasing, I am guessing an updated version was always in order.

So here now are the construction rates in Jamaica for the period 2020-2022, click here to view! 

It includes the rates for:

  1. Lining out the building
  2. Laying blocks and bricks
  3. Digging of foundation
  4. Casting Foundation
  5. Excavation work
  6. Casting of columns
  7. Roughcast and granite
  8. Erecting columns
  9. Erecting Lintels
  10. Putting up cantilever, templates and arch
  11. Spanish wave
  12. Rendering wall and ceiling
  13. Spraying flooring
  14. Settle and dress flooring
  15. Layout and grout tiles
  16. Erecting staircase
  17. …and much more.

To do anything in construction you will also have to consider the work of labourers as well too, right?

Well, this will give you in detail, the 2020-2022 rates labourers are accepting for:

  • Steelwork
  • Shed
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Roofing
  • Tiling
  • Fitting Windows and Doors

The rate sheet considers even the things that did not immediately come to mind. I am sure you weren’t thinking of the cost to install a toilet paper holder, soap dish and mirror on the bathroom wall until just now. But now you’ll be able to see the price of that too.

It isn’t just the actual building of the house that is considered either. If you will need to carry out demolition activities before you begin your new build then the cost of demolition was not left out either.

With the 2020-2022 construction rates in Jamaica, I am sure you will be able to better prepare financially for your upcoming endeavor. You can have your very own downloadable copy, right here!

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The photos below are just snippets from it, I've gone above and prepared the complete document for you - free of cost!

Just a point to note, the sheet is quoted in Jamaican dollars so don’t fret just yet! If you need a little clarification learn more about Jamaica to Unites States exchange rate here.

Having a dependable, punctual and talented builder is very important and so this one is my recommendation to you if you are trying to find one.

Also, get this Home Builder's Guide, loaded with cautions, tips and strategies to ensure to get the best buck for your money as well as information specific to building in Jamaica.

Here, again is the link to the 2020-2022 construction rates in Jamaica, you can look at it here or download it for your convenience.

Happy Building!

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Mr. McBean is a trusted expert in the field of construction and he answered some of your most frequently asked questions. 

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