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The Independent Construction Rates In Jamaica



What Are The Construction Rates In Jamaica?

I'm going to be honest with you. I've been getting the questions from day one, and more so over the last few months.

But without an intricate understanding and appreciation of the building and construction industry, I 'kinda - sorta' left it for later.

And of course, you and I know that what is left for later, meaning not a priority, rarely gets done :-(

But today I have good great news for you!
Your questions answered!

And the questions ranged from...

  • How do I get a copy of the parish council rate sheet?
  • Do you have a copy of the rate sheet for construction in Jamaica?
  • Where can I find a copy of the master builders wage rates?
  • What are the construction industry trade rates?
  • Is there an independent contractor rate sheet in Jamaica?
  • Can you share a rate sheet for construction in Jamaica?
  • What are the current construction rates in Jamaica?

And the most recent from Junia, one of my faithful subscribers...

"Mr Wellesley can you send me or publish the rate sheet for construction workers. From time to time we having a tug an war over prices".

Yes, it took me some time and effort; from contacting industry players, making several phone calls - to several of these red-tape laced businesses, to eventually travelling to pickup the physical copy.

So yes, I've gotten it - the independent contractors rate sheet for builders in Jamaica 2018-2019!!

N.B. To my US readers, remember that the rates listed here are all in Jamaican dollars ($JA), so don't panic :-).

You can learn more about the Jamaica to US exchange rate here

In addition to latest rates for labourers and skilled workers, it includes the latest rates for:

  1. Lining out the building
  2. Laying blocks and bricks
  3. Digging of foundation
  4. Casting Foundation
  5. Excavation work
  6. Casting of columns
  7. Roughcast and granite
  8. Erecting columns
  9. Erecting Lintels
  10. Putting up cantilever, templates and arch
  11. Spanish wave
  12. Rendering wall and ceiling
  13. Spraying flooring
  14. Settle and dress flooring
  15. Layout and grout tiles
  16. Erecting staircase
  17. ... and a whole lot more!

Above that, rates are specially categorized (and detailed) for...

  • Steelwork
  • Sheds
  • Painting
  • Carpentry &
  • Roofing

I was particularly impressed as it includes rates for many of what I consider to be the non-standard and even diminimus stuff.
These include...

  • Profile Boards
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Gully basins
  • Sewer manholes &
  • Kerb and Channel.
  • It even includes rates for fitting toilet paper holder and soap dish in wall - everything is included!

The photos below are just snippets from it, I've gone above and prepared the complete document for you - free of cost!

Simply, CLICK HERE TO VIEW or download it. Note that it is a .pdf document.

It will also open in a new window.






Here again is the link to VIEW or DOWNLOAD the complete rate sheet - mush easier viewing too!

Happy building!!! I welcome your feedback and comments here.

And by the way, if you are overseas and looking to build in Jamaica, I recommend:

  1. This builder (click the link). He is extremely dependable and punctual, and also,
  2. Get this Home Builder's Guide, loaded with cautions, tips and strategies to ensure to get the best buck for your money.

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Comments for The Independent Construction Rates In Jamaica

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Nov 15, 2021
great information NEW
by: k wallen

this is very much appreciated, it open my eyes to a lot of things, I didn't know anything about how they price each jobs, I would love to see a more updated sheet because everything is higher world wide, thanks much....

Oct 08, 2021
USER Be-Aware
by: APointJM

Hi all,

Note that the "official" labour rate and cost are done in colab with Min Of Labour (MOL&SS) along with the Master Builders Association of Jamaica (IMAJ) which includes Quantity Surveyors (QS).

I know of this sheet as some of the "sub-contractors" I hire submit this sheet of rates for "contractors".

Hence these rates are NOT for use with "SUB-Contractors" as they include a markup (%) on labour. This is what would be called "keep and care" kinda like hiring a project manager to make sure a central person (foreman/ contractor) is the project organiser (providing more than just labour).

Therefore I would recommend you negotiate using this as the high mark for someone who is providing supervision and is a consummate "professional" NOT the tradesman. I have seen too many cases where I have had to intervene and assist homeowners to resolve details of
1. inability to read a plan
2. inability to take accurate measurements
3. inability to confirm what, how and when of the project
4. misunderstanding what a TRADEMAN vs CONTRACTOR service and paying premium for average or below average services!

for more information and links of CODE & COMPLIANCE at the website

Jan 15, 2021
Chain link fencing NEW
by: Anonymous

How much does it cost to install chain link fencing?

Dec 05, 2020
Electrical Rate/Points Sheet
by: Anonymous

How do I get a hold of Electrical Rate/Points Sheet

Oct 01, 2020
drywalls? NEW
by: erland

I didnt see anything for drywalls or electrical points.
I would also like to know about units that are measured in square yards, weather they still apply if work done is less than a square yard?
good work.

Sep 20, 2020
2020 Rate Sheet
by: Anonymous

Great Information. Is there a more updated rate sheet? the others are 2018-2019. I would love to see 2020. Thanks

Sep 20, 2020
Electrical Rate Sheet
by: DamGilly

I’d like to obtain a copy of the electrical rate/point sheet...

Aug 22, 2020
by: Carl

Great information, will definitely put to good use 👍

Jul 29, 2020
Electrical Rate/Points Sheet
by: Dre Dre

Please can you send me a copy of the electrical points or rate sheet.


Apr 24, 2020
How are these rates applied?
by: Anonymous

Hi Wellesley

Can you confirm that the rate sheet provided is for contractors who provide material and labour?

Editor's note
Oh no, just labour / skill.

Mar 28, 2020
Electrical rate sheet
by: Kirk

Where can I get the electrical rate sheet

Dec 12, 2019
PDF corrupt
by: Mark Mullings

Hey! the PDF is corrupted and not viewable could you please update? Thanks

Sep 17, 2019
Running ft cost
by: Jerome

Some of your running ft cost seem way out of line eg casting foundation and casting belt

Sep 14, 2019
by: Dwight

I was recently asked to do a painting job and was not sure how to price it. I remembered that I had heard about the master builders' rates so I looked it up. Have not done my calculations yet but this should be quite helpful. People love bawl dung price but I will have to start with something authentic and reasonable. thanks

Sep 08, 2019
Very helpful
by: Tracey

This price list guideline is most helpful. Another thing that I would like a price list for, is the cost of materials. Do you happen to have a list of the current material costs involved in building a home? I would be most grateful.

You are welcome.

Here is the price list:

May 28, 2019
by: yaz

thank you so much for this helpful information
at first I was confused wasn't sure how to go about building a house. Now I have an idea and direction again thank you

May 18, 2019
RE: Rate sheet
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this. It has been quite helpful

Feb 12, 2019
by: Anonymous

Thanks very much for this. Super useful as a reference. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and you can be sure that this will be put to regular and positive use by those who are remotely managing development work back home.
Feels like I was flying blind until now.

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