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Comments for Contacting Family In Jamaica

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Aug 13, 2019
Searching for a mother
by: Margaret Samuda

I am searching for the mother of Kaymarie Ulanda Taylor. Kaymarie was born to Kareen Taylor on October 12, 2002 in Epping Forest Manchester. She is desperately trying to find her mother. She is now 16 years old and a wonderful young lady who needs this missing piece to feel complete. Any information will be greatly appreciated. God bless you all!!

Jun 23, 2019
Searching for my uncle Kenroy Smith
by: Shelly Ann Taylor

Kenroy was about 15 to 17 years old at the time his mother name is Moreen Smith also known as Ms Plummi and his father name is Basil Smith also known as Bazel/Baz his oldest sister Sherlette Smith also known as P. Joe and Younger brother at the time Sherman Smith also known as Bud head. Kenroy have a burn scar (hot water) on one of his hand, near to his fingers. He use to attend the Mt Moriah All Age School.
Kenroy was last seen at the Montego Bay airport some year's ago
I search Facebook everyday looking for my Uncle because I have the feeling that my uncle is still alive and I want to see him again....

Jun 16, 2019
Looking for a friend
by: Anonymous

Hi good morning i am trying to find a friend of mine.his name is andrew lewin i meet him in willidene he used to work at the gas station their i would like to fine him so if anyone know how please let me know thiswas in 2000

May 05, 2019
Searching for Father
by: Hope Brown

Hi, I am trying to find my father or ay one who maybe related to him.
His name I Eric Brown,
DOB: 30th June 1929
New Market St Elizabeth
Mother name is Christine Brown
If any positive content please email me at

Dec 01, 2018
Trying to find a close friend
by: Anonymous

Hello I am trying to find my long lost friend his name is andrew clarke he is from christiana Manchester we work together years ago I was in the Jamaica constabulary force and he was in the Jamaica defense force my last contact with him he migrated and I lost contact if any of his family members or friends can give information on his where about you can contact me by email thank you

Jun 08, 2018
Searching for my son's father.
by: Anonymous

Hi am Patrica S. Am desperately trying to locate my son father. His name Culture Palachie. He is from Pleasant Valley in Clarendon. Last contact i had with him he was making plans to travel to a small island. Am not sure if he was successful with such as I lost contact with him a few years ago. The matter is of urgency. I can be contacted at

Thank you

Jun 07, 2018
Finding My Father - Donald Russell
by: Shain

I am trying to find my father. His name is Donald Russell and he lived in Kingston 1n the early 1970s. He met my mom on Merrion Rd (close to Vineyard Town,in Kingston in June or July 1971. He told her he worked in accounting at the Jamaica Gleaner as an accountant. My mother worked at Beaches Garage and is from Portland, Jamaica. Anyone with information can contact me at

Oct 21, 2017
searching for my uncle terrence watson
by: tashawn

My father Gilbert Mighten is trying to find his brother Terrence Watson who now lives in England.. His mother name is Caroline Nicholson and father George Watson. His mother die over an year now but my father would like to know his brother.. Before Terrance left Jamaica he lived at water mount district in st catherine.. He left when he was around 11 years old. Please am asking for your help if any deytail you can contact me

Thank you

Sep 20, 2017
Looking for my grandfather Cyril McNeal
by: Sunshine Small

Hello Everyone,

I am searching for my grandfather either in St. Catherine, St Ann, or Portland. I am Praying that he is alive so I can see him. My Father has never seen his dad since he was a little boy but he shares with his children about his hopes of seeing the man that he should call "Dad". My father's name is Neville Small and his mother's name is Ceceline Small now married and her name is Ceceline Gray. I have heard stories about my grandfather being a proud police Officer then later attended to his farm working on the banana plantation. I was also told that my grandfather's name is Cyril McNeal. If you are out there please send an email to or to my brother at davidpsmall@yahoo.
My family would love to meet your family. My dad would love to see you. Daddy is getting ready to retire soon so we would love for this moment to be a surprise for him.

Jul 16, 2017
an inevitable curiosity
by: Lendré Scofield

Can I please know the names of the soundtracks played in the background each Sunday, it would really make my life and others who are curious to know these soundtracks better. Please reply someone.

Mar 25, 2016
Searching for my brother
by: Latoya williams

I am searching for Kevin Christie is father name Leon Christie is aunts name is Delores lynch,ruthlyn lynch an Veronica lynch his father was living on elleston rd Hagley park he is a bout 37 years old now his mother name is Annette Francis which is also my mother any one know him please comment back he was living with my mother mom and his father took him when he was a child my grandmother living in comfort hall Manchester near mile gully and comfort hall

Apr 02, 2013
finding my family
by: Merlene Cross

I moved to England in 1955 with my mother and we left my to brothers behind their names were Vincent and Clifton Cross. We lived in Kingston and Mall Road. My Father returned to Ja in the 60's. I have completely lost touch with my family I left behind. My children and grandchildren want me to take them to jamaica can any one give me some pointers as to how I can contact them

Dec 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

My friend is trying to find his father that he havent seen in so mmany years. He is 21years old lives in Queens New York. He only know that his father is from kingston, please help him find his dad. If you have any information regarding Mr Barrington Folkes please contact me at this email address Your help is appriciated thanks in advance and have a blessed day.

Sep 19, 2012
My lost girlfriend
by: Dennis

I look far Jestina Brown she has son name Billy her best name is miss purle the friend use work princess margret hospital tina use to live the area of the same hospital she sweat alot

Mar 03, 2011
Dujaughn Mckenzie
by: Dujaughn

Hi My name is Dujaughn Mckenzie and my mom is from montego bay and family. i think we maybe family and I am looking for more Mckenzie from JA so we can have a family reunion in Canadan add me and talk to me for all the Mckenzie out there. I am trying to look for all of my Mckenzie's all i am trying to say is that i want help for my family right now and if you want to see me go on facbook and look for ''Dujaughn Ellaz Mckenzie and you will find me if you live in Canadan call me at 905 867 7040 or 905 216 0419 i need to see all of my family.

Mar 03, 2011
Dujaughn Mckenzie
by: Dujaughn

Hi My name is Dujaughn Mckenzie and my mom is from montego bay and family. i think we maybe family and I am looking for more Mckenzie from JA so we can have a family reunion in Canadan add me and talk to me for all the Mckenzie out there. I am trying to look for all of my Mckenzie's all i am trying to say is that i want help for my family right now and if you want to see me go on facbook and look for ''Dujaughn Ellaz Mckenzie and you will find me if you live in Canadan call me at 905 867 7040 or 905 216 0419 i need to see all of my family.

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Nov 01, 2010
searching for kay
by: sharon chambersAnonymous

my name is sharon chambers living in austin texas but im searching for my sister and friend karen ann chin pet name kay i lost contact with her she use to work at appliance traders limited on half way tree road im trying to get in contact with her numerous times but came up short so please im asking any one who see my little note and know or hear from karen to please give her my information. my phone number is 512-939-3122

Oct 16, 2010
Family members of Mr. Johnson
by: Anonymous

My name is Wayne Cowan, and I am one of the few persons who have had the privilege to sit and listen to Mr. Johnson's story. Mr.Kermit Johnson is an elderly, gentleman who presently is undergoing some rough experiences.

Far from being like the average street person, Mr. Johnson is well spoken, always clean and has a strong faith in God. Right now he is in dire straits, the worst of which demands that he finds somewhere suitable to live and food to eat.

He tells me that where he kotches( 15 Dames Rd.
Kgn.4) that he is exposed to the elements and was doubly inconvenienced during the recent rains. He told me that he has three children and that he is not certain if they know that he is alive.

They are Mallory, Rowena and Nedra Johnson. Anyone knowing them or their wherabouts, or if any of the three should see this (or hear)please contact me at this number-3999-129 or Nicole at 349-3009.

Aug 30, 2010
trying to find family
by: avril turner

My name is Avril Turner I live in Ft Lauderdale Florida. I am trying to find my father or any of his family. His name is Herbert Turner alias Berty my mothers name is Gloria Blake from Bigwoods Darliston. Last information I have of my father was that he was working as a bus conductor on a May Flower bus from Kingston to Grange Hill. His previous address was kingston Jamaica and St Mary. I heard that I have a brother by the name of Trevor. This was about forty six years ago. Anyone who know this family please contact me at or 954-934-7591 anytime I would appreciate your help Thank you.

May 16, 2010
by: carolAnonymous

HI my name is carol mitchell.I would like to find my mother her name is Merlene Reid (aka) patsy.My father name is Raphael Mitchell he is from clover Hill in St Ann. My mother is from Palmers Cross in Clarendon.Ireally would love to know her also my other brother|s and sister|s.

I don't know anyone on her side not even an friend.I really hope you can help meas im getting older.Thank you very much. Looking forward to hear from can contact me at 440-4724 or email

Oct 09, 2009
by: Simone

Hello my name is Simone Lewin am trying to find my friend her name is Colean Bartly both of us work together at KFC branch#2 in Mandeville i think the year was 2004.Her last known address was Caledonia RD Mandeville Manchester.She had one son his name is Roger,Roger use to attend the Belair High School in Mandeville Manchester.Thank you for reading my letter.She can contact me at my phone number 321-3049495 or my E mail address which is

Sep 18, 2009

My is Simone Lewin am writing from Orlando Florida am trying to find my friend Coleane Bartly her last known address was Caledonia RD Mandeville.Both of us use to work together at KFC branch #2 in Mandeville ,she had one child his name is Roger and he use to attend Belair Hihg School in Manchester,

Jun 19, 2009
Earl Barrett Family
by: Anonymous

My name is Earl Barrett. I'm from St elizabeth originally we left when i was very young we moved to Troy Trelawny.

I have a son who recently moved to St Elizabeth
his name is Nevon Barrett i need for him to call me asap.

My father people is also there i would love to meet with them. my father name was Ezekeil Barrett my mother name was Sylvia Williams Barrett. contact me email

Jun 01, 2009
Daddy Call Me I Miss you
by: Anonymous

I am Jaharai Doward the son of Howard Levy that once reside in Youngstown Ohio and owner of Lambada. I wish to speak with you I am now seven going on eight and I would like to tell you all about my wounderful life. If you or anyone that knows you sees this please call me at 3305190687. Or email me at . I am still in town with my mother Monique andshe wishes to talk to you also. Thanks Hope To Hear From You Soon

Your Son Jaharai (The Great)

May 31, 2009
I am the son of Delphina Henry. I am looking for my father Lenard Brown
by: Derrick Brown

Hello! My name is Derrick Brown the Son Of Delphina Henry, I have a brother Patrick Brown.

I am looking for my father he used to live in a place called Casa Dupa (Catadupa?). He has a brother named Sterling Brown.

Please let him know that his son's would like to hear for him we can be reached at 416-277-9176 or email at

Thank you!

May 28, 2009
Looking for my lost father
by: Monique Doward the Mother of Jaharai Doward

Hello! I am Monique Doward the Mother Of Jaharai Doward.

His father Howard Levy was deported from The United States in 2002.

He is now seven going on eight in August. And the only thing he wants is for is his dad. If anyone out there knows of Howard Levy in Jamacia birthday is 09/02/1968.

Please let him know that his son Jaharai would like to hear from him and he can reach him at 3305190687 or email him at Thank you!

May 14, 2009
concerning my father
by: sheneak smith

hi Mr wellesley, its me sheneak smith the girl who wrote to you concerning is father in the British army,i just wanted to let you know that i sent and email to the British army web sit that you gave me but i have not receive a respond as yet.i will continue to keep you up to date.

thanks once more for your help.

May 11, 2009
email address
by: sheneak smith

A pleasant morning is extended to you and your entire staff.

My name is Sheneak.

I am searching on the net for over six mouths to get the email address for Mr. Ralston McKenzie on Sunday contact and still I am not successful so I am pleading to the public who know the email address to please email me at

I would really appreciate it. I am very desperate in having the email address because I am also desperate in locating my father who is in the army but I don?t know him so please I am asking anyone who can assist me in knowing the email address.

I will really be thankful. Thanks once more for your patients and your time in assisting me. Thank you. S.smith

ANS: W.Gayle - May 11 09:
The numbers are:
876 926-2178/ 876 926-8631/ 876 926-7615, email
Please scroll back to the top and read from there for more information. Thanks.

Apr 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

i am Jamaican and i never learned how to speak Jamaican.

Apr 25, 2009
find dad
by: Anonymous

hi i am looking for my dad who was in the service stationed in Wichita Kansas 1951-1952 i was born dec 20 1952 his name was Marion Davis he married a Jamaican woman at a church in Kansas i have never spoke with him or talk to him call 720-447-8541 denver colorado with any info thank you SA

Feb 09, 2009
Wellesley is so helpful!
by: Anonymous

Today I received an email from Wellesley, whom I contacted several weeks ago about finding an old friend in Jamaica. He sent me some information about a radio program I could try in order to locate our friend. He didn't have to do it, but he did. And it meant a lot! What a very nice man, and what a helpful person. No surprise he's from Jamaica!

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