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Does Jamaica Have Wifi?

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ricks_cafe_jamaica_guest_with_phoneDoes Jamaica Have Wifi?

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Communication has become far more accessible than it was some years ago. Before the age of smartphones and the internet, you would only ever be able to speak to your family and friends via a costly long-distance call or a letter if it was an extended trip. Then sharing your vacation when you head back home would have to be recalled from memory or through pictures from the camera after they were developed.

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Now, we can all take vacations without missing much of our loved ones' lives and share some of our experiences immediately.

But is that so in Jamaica?

How is the WiFi in Jamaica?

I am happy to report that indeed it is. You can vacation in Jamaica hardly missing a beat from your everyday life. I’m sure this is good news for many especially those who still have obligations to carry out while taking some time to rejuvenate or, parents who would just love to know their children will be able to reach them at all times.

Jamaica is known for having notoriously slow internet in the past especially. But that is changing for the better. With most places opting for fibre optic internet, Wi-Fi in Jamaica has gotten a lot better.

Internet Providers In Jamaica

Our main internet providers are also the largest cellphone companies, Flow and Digicel.

Both companies provide packages at various price points to cater to the needs of households and businesses.

However, smaller internet providers are used in rural areas that these two companies have yet to reach. In these areas, the internet is not always as reliable as it is sometimes affected by the weather.

Using the internet for entertainment purposes will still be possible, but Zoom calls and sending larger files will lag.

Is there Wi-Fi at the resort in Jamaica?

It would be rather odd to not have Wi-Fi at your resort as most of them do have reliable internet. Sometimes the Wi-Fi isn’t as fast in the rooms and suites because the bandwidth is being shared by so many persons.

It would also be quite expensive for hotels to install Wi-Fi in each room. In these cases, however, there are usually designated spots around the hotel such as a cafe or the lobby where it should be more reliable.

Also, since resorts are usually large and spread across acres of property, there will be some areas where the Wi-Fi isn’t performing at its strongest.

Home internet is generally good, depending on the download and upload speed you pay for. While the average speed is 35.02 Mbps, it often surpasses or drops way below this depending on where on the island you are staying. The average internet package comes with 50 Mbps but you have the option to upgrade as you see fit, in most cases for work or school.

For example, this is my internet speed in Montego Bay.


You should be okay for holidays in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Kingston. For areas such as Portland and the South Coast, however, you might experience difficulties especially if you venture off the beaten path.

Can I text with WiFi in Jamaica?

There aren’t any notable restrictions to Wi-Fi or internet access in Jamaica. You can text, call, watch videos and otherwise use social media as you’d normally do.

Will my hotspot work in Jamaica?

If you have data on your device and would like to use your hotspot then you should be able to. Prominent carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint customers don’t usually have difficulties with their phones or data.

Does WiFi calling work in Jamaica?

Yes, it does. Most people in Jamaica have WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. WI-Fi calling is even more appealing to foreigners as they will avoid roaming fees and other international charges, aside from regular data usage.

Universal Access To Internet Services

In certain areas of the island, there are Wi-Fi access points in populated towns which were implemented by the government. This is an initiative to allow Jamaicans easier access to the internet and to stay connected to others. It will benefit children who would otherwise not have internet access at home as well.

Will my portable modem work in Jamaica?

If staying connected is vital to your stay and you would rather not take any chances, one option is by bringing a portable modem with you. So far, these work well on the island and are often used by public transport operators or content creators who need to be connected on the go.

Free Access Wi-Fi Areas In Jamaica

  • Ocho Rios, St. Ann
  • Port Antonio, Portland
  • May Pen, Clarendon
  • Half-Way Tree, St William Grant Park, Olympic Way, Devon House and Emancipation Park, Kingston and St Andrew
  • Cecil Charlton Park, Manchester
  • Junction, St Elizabeth
  • Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay, St James

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Does Jamaica Have Wifi? | Written: November 22, 2022

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