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Eco Friendly Attractions In Jamaica
Environmentally Friendly And Fun


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Eco Friendly Attractions In Jamaica | Mystic Mountain AdventuresEco Friendly Attractions In Jamaica | Mystic Mountain Adventures

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Is Jamaica environmentally friendly? Yes, Jamaica is. Though there are efforts to increase the urgency of the situation among the wider population, Jamaica still does a good job at conservation and protecting our natural resources, if not for the sake of the environment (as we would hope), then for the sake of tourism.

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Because we can all see the benefits of preserving our ecosystem, there are eco-friendly attractions in Jamaica that are committed to this cause.

1. The Blue and Johncrow Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains are also great for hiking and biking trips as well. The Blue and Johncrow Mountains National Park facilitate camping, hikes, picnics, coffee farm tours, bird watching tours and nature walks.

Reservations for these activities can be reserved on their website and it is advised to secure your reservation at least a month before to ensure your space is saved. In addition to a long list of things to do, there is also accommodation and not just camping out in a tent. There are cabins on the property that can be rented if you so like, and tents are up for rent as well.

Contact Information:

Jamaica Conservation And Development Trust (Park Management)

  • 25 Eastwood Park Road,
  • Kingston 10
  • Tel: 876-619-9807
  • Cell & Whatsapp: 876-357-9565
  • Website:

2. Chukka - Multiple Locations

Chukka offers many adventures with low impact on the environment from multiple locations across Jamaica. You can find their extensive list of fun activities here.

3. Mystic Mountain - St. Ann

Mystic Mountain is another of the eco-friendly attractions in Jamaica that are of little impact on the environment. They offer zip lining, bobsledding and climbing at the park. The mountain top adventure park requires booking online before arrival, to control crowds and wait times.

4. Ys Falls - South Coast, St. Elizabeth

Quite a popular tourist attraction, YS Falls has a few attractions. Of course, the falls itself is one, but there is also ziplining, canopy tour, natural pools and the jitney ride to and from the falls.

For its environmental contribution and the preservation of the attractions, YS has eco-friendly or compost toilets in the restrooms. Instead of regular sewage systems, the composting toilets hold waste in a tank until aerobic bacteria are able to break it down into usable fertiliser. This protects the many underground water sources from potential waste contamination.

Also, the attraction is closed on Mondays and Public Holidays to give the natural resources some time to rejuvenate and to avoid the crowds that would lead to further exhausting the resources.

Tel: +1 (876) 997-6360

5. Strawberry Fields Together - Robins Bay, St. Mary

The Strawberry Fields Together is one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets. Not only does it provide rustic cottages for vacationers, but it also has an onsite restaurant and wedding venue. However, before all these additions were made, it was a lovely camping site in St. Mary. This activity is still facilitated here on the expansive grounds which remain pretty much untouched. It is perfect for a night or two among the stars.

Tel: +1 (876) 436-6395

6. Taste Of Jamaica Tours - St. Ann

Farm tours are becoming increasingly popular. It is a great way to spend an afternoon, surrounded by plants and sometimes animals. You get to visit the lesser traversed areas and support local farmers and their efforts. The Taste Of Jamaica Tours is one such farm experience you could try.

Watch Video! Eco Friendly Attractions In Jamaica Taste Of Jamaica Tours

7. Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary - Anchovy, St. James

Just 15 minutes outside of Montego Bay, you will find the Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary, a place that quickly became one of my favourite places on earth. The tranquil bird sanctuary is a needed escape from the rush of the city, especially being so close to Montego Bay.

The birds are allowed to roam about freely and if you are lucky they’ll even take a drink from your nectar bottle. The expert bird guides on location will happily tell you the history of the attraction and the many birds that call the sanctuary home.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Tel: +1 876-952-2009/+1 876-871-4759


The parish of Portland itself is an eco-friendly paradise. With most of the parish still in its naturally beautiful uncommercialized state and plans to keep it as such, I will not be able to exhaust the list of eco-friendly attractions in Portland.

You can:

  • Go hiking or biking
  • Visit the marina
  • Swim to the offshore Monkey Island
  • Visit the many beaches, rivers, falls and caves. 

You may even bump into some lesser-known ones that aren’t very popular on the tourist circuit. You will be able to have even more fun at eco friendly attractions in Jamaica as you know your actions are not harmful to the environment.

And after an eventful day of eco-friendly attractions in Jamaica, you will probably want to stay at an eco-friendly resort as well. You can explore those options here.

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