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Happy New Year - Plus 12 New Year Must Do's

happy new year
by Wellesley Gayle

As the new year approaches, I want to first thank you for the amazing support over the last year my friend; your readership, your questions, submissions, recommendations comments and sharing of content... Thank you!

All the successes so far on this website, and its continued growth, is directly related to your support.

And while I chart a path to bigger and greater things in the new year, I not only ask for your continued patronage, but also hope that your dreams and personal aspirations with start to manifest.

There are however some, what I consider, pertinent things we need to consider or immediately embark on as we seek to achieve our full god-given potential.

By the way, you know how they say that "what you are seeking is also seeking you"? ... Today I testify to that!

I was thinking about quotations/ ideas to share with you for 2019, when I noticed that my brother sent this (below) to me via WhatsApp!

I don't know the source, but I wholeheartedly believe in (and support) these principles (I am a product of them) and so I quickly quoted it and is now sharing with you.

It reads...


*Counselor Fenyi writes...✍🏿*though edited.

1. Pursue something. Don't walk in the entire 365 days without having something particular in mind to achieve. Start a building project, buy a car, pay some school fees, start some job. Just do something!

2. Walk with people wiser or stronger than you. In this new year, surround yourself with people who will inspire you, who will make you feel you can do better, who will challenge you on.

3.Check your dressing or appearance. Don't put on 'anything' just because it covers your nakedness. Your appearance tells a lot about you. Iron your clothes neatly. Don't wear clothes in the name of fashion or trend . Wear more decent but fitting outfits. This is the slogan: Simple but Classy.

4. Check how you talk. Before you open your mouth, be minded of who you are talking to, where you are talking, when you are talking and also know that your integrity is at stake. In every situation, choose silence over speech unless you don't have any option.

5. Visit old people's home to appreciate them, also orphanage and children in need of special care. Don't let them feel unwanted or neglected in the scheme of things.

6. This year, be more prayerful. You can't live your life thinking things occur merely logically. There's a Supreme Being who makes things happen, pray to him.

7. Start thinking or planning towards doing more for humanity.

8. Always think Positive while being Realistic. When you see tigers praying to God, don't join them. You can be positive that they won't 'chop' you since they are praying but be realistic too that after the prayers, they'll remain tigers and God will feed them with flesh.

*9. Buy *gifts for your love ones. In this new year, try and do something 'small' for parents and those you care about. You have no idea what goes on in their minds. Let them feel you are not far off.

10. In this new year, Invest more, save less, spend less. Put your money into investment ventures. Buy T-bills, buy shares, buy fixed deposits, import some goods and sell, be a stock broker, etc. In fact, get more than one stream of income!

*11. Many known names have gone and life goes on. . The point is, don't work your life out. You won't take your work with you when you die. You are not as important as you think, calm down. Take time off work, go and do medical check-up, visit your family, visit gardens or the beach and appreciate nature, etc.

12. After reading, send this message to all your groups and contacts, it may will be of help to someone.

And I'll add one more to #11, secure your soul, remember we are just passing through, even if you get 100 years here, it is minuscule in relation to eternity.

Happy New Year again my friend!

I welcome your comments here.

Comments for Happy New Year - Plus 12 New Year Must Do's

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Jan 11, 2019
by: Vivida

Of all the resolutions I have read over the years, this is the best one yet. If one can change self, one can influence the world.

Jan 04, 2019
Thank You A Million!
by: Wellesley

Thank you my for all the kind words, encouragement and best wishes my friends!

And yes, I read every one :-)

Ms Bennie
Joel Savage
Leroy Dias
Petagaye &
.... I appreciate your note.

Again a special thanks to you, and all those who emailed me directly.

Blessings to you and yours this new year my friend.

Wellesley Gayle

Jan 04, 2019
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for these words. Happy New year to you as well.

Jan 02, 2019
Happy New Year to You!
by: Sherry

I love #11.

Jan 01, 2019
I enjoy this site.
by: Petagay

Happy New Year.

Jan 01, 2019
Happy 2019!
by: Samantha

Thank you! I will definitely keep all 12 tips in mind.

Dec 31, 2018
by: Hughette

God's continued blessings to you and all your readers.
Continued Excellence Always.

Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year
by: Kemote

Thank you, Wellesley, and may you and family have a successful 2019.

Dec 31, 2018
Best Wishes - 2019
by: Leroy Dias

Thanks for being a driving force behind keeping us connected to our beautiful Jamaica. Wishing you strength and guidance to continue fueling this valuable source and a Blessed 2019 to you and family.

Dec 31, 2018
New Year 2019
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the message and also for the information you provided on Jamaica during the past year . I miss the land of my birth but your website gives me solace.
I wish you much success and blessings in 2019.

Dec 31, 2018
Wishing You The Best Of 2019, Happy New Year
by: Joel Savage

Let Jah blessings fill your household, with peace and prosperity throughout the new year.

Dec 31, 2018
A very Blessed
by: Danielle

Dear Wellesley, I just wanted to wish you and your loved ones, a Very Happy, Blessed & Prosperous New Year!!!
Thanks you very much for all that you do!!!

Dec 31, 2018
Bless up
by: monica

Thank you for the inspiring words. Have a blessed year.

Dec 31, 2018
New Years Eve
by: Ms.Bennie

Than you for all the good info you have given me. Have a blessed New Year!πŸ™πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Dec 31, 2018
Happy and Blessed New Year
by: Anonymous

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year Wellesley.
Thanks very much for all your information and guidance on Jamaica. God's Blessings to you and your family.

Dec 31, 2018
Happy new years!!!
by: Jason

Thank you Wellesley, and Happy New Years to you and your family.
That list is words to live by for sure.
Thanks for sharing.
Peace for all.

Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year, 12 Must Do's
by: Taneil

Good afternoon Mr.Gayle! Happy 2019 to You and your family! I wish you all the very best for the year ahead, and may the Creator continue to inspire you to write awesome and motivational articles.

Thank you for for sharing the 12 Must Do's. I totally agree with all 12 and as I have always been keen on at least 7 of those, I will aspire to make it to 12.

Dec 31, 2018
New Year

Thank you Wellesley, for the list of 12 must do's. I love them all. I'm always happy to receive your Sunday newsletter which is so informative and interesting! I wish you a prosperous, healthy and year ahead. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

Dec 31, 2018
Going home and proud
by: Wayne Stewart

God willing, May 2019, my wife and I will be move back home into our small but newly built home in priory, St Ann's Bay. Several years of detailing planning will come to fruition and we are excited. I appreciate your website and all you do for the island of Jamaica that I am so proud of. Hope to be able to contribute and participate more in 2019.

Dec 30, 2018
Thank You
by: Hans

Dear Wellesley!
First of all,thank you for your support during 2018.
From the Sound of the Horn (Maroons)to the Marcus Garvey Night...what a Year!
Now I know a lot more of Jamaica&all the lovely people,animals,flowers...



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