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Where Are The Hospitals In Jamaica?

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hargreaves_hospital_mandeville.jpgHospitals In Jamaica | Hargreaves Memorial Hospital

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

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Knowing where to seek medical attention on vacation is very important, there are, after all, those just-in-case moments. These are the hospitals in Jamaica.

How many hospitals are there in Jamaica?

Jamaica has 24 public hospitals, 10 private ones and many, many private practices all across the country. While I won’t be able to tell you where all the medical services are, here are the hospitals in Jamaica, public and private.

Are Jamaican hospitals good?

Jamaican hospitals are suitable for medical care despite the issues they face with overcrowding and inadequacies with funding.

Jamaican hospitals are operated on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Wellness by the different regional health authorities in Jamaica. These are:

  • South East Regional Health Authority (SERAH)
  • North East Regional Health Authority (NERAH)
  • Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA)
  • Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA)

Is there a hospital in every parish in Jamaica?

A public hospital is located in every parish in Jamaica. While the services offered are not as comprehensive as Kingston and Montego Bay, most have emergency medical care, maternity wards, prescription drugs, and ambulance services.

Hospitals In Jamaica By Parish

Kingston and St. Andrew

  1. Hope Institute (Cancer Patients) - Address: Elleston Flats
  2. Kingston 7 | Phone: (876) 927- 2887 or 927--2111
  3. Andrews Memorial (Private Full Service Hospital) - Address: Address: 27 Hope Rd, Kingston | Phone: (876) 926-7401
  4. Bellevue Hospital (Public-Psychiatric Care) - Address: 16 ½ Windward Road, Kingston 2 | Phone: (876) 928-1380-7
  5. Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC) - Address: Arthur Wint Drive, Kingston 5 | Phone: (876) 926-5721-2
  6. Gynae Associates Hospital (Private Obstetrics and Gynaecology) - Address: 23 Tangerine Place, Kingston 6 | Phone: (876) 929-5038/9/ (876) 669-2851
  7. Heart Institute of the Caribbean (Private cardiovascular care) - Address: 23 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica | Emergency Call: (876) 906-2105-8
  8. Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) (Public Multidisciplinary Acute Care) - Address: North St, Kingston | Phone: (876) 922-0210
  9. Medical Associates Hospital (Private) - Address: 18, 10 Tangerine Place, Kingston 6 | Phone: (876) 926-1400
  10. National Chest Hospital (NCH) (Public Cardiovascular Care) - Address: 35 ½ Barbican Road Kingston 6 | Phone: (876) 927-0000/(876) 970-0655
  11. Nuttall Memorial Hospital (Private General Care) - Address: 6, Caledonia Ave, Kingston 5 | Phone: (876) 926-2139
  12. Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center (Public Congenital Illnesses and Severe Rehabilitation) - Address: 7 Golding Avenue, Kingston 7 | Phone: 876-927-2504/ 876-977-1469
  13. St. Joseph's Hospital - Address: 22 Deanery Rd, Kingston | Phone: (876) 928-4956
  14. University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) (Medical Training Institution) - Located Address: University of the West Indies, 7 Golding Ave, Kingston | Phone: (876) 927-4112
  15. Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH) (Public -Maternity Care) - Address: North Street, Kingston | Phone: (876) 922-0210-9

Portland Parish

  1. Buff Bay Hospital - Address: Buff Bay, Portland | Phone: Phone: (876) 996-1478
  2. Port Antonio Hospital - Address: Port Antonio, Portland | Phone: 876-613-8400

Saint James Parish

  1. Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) - Address: Mount Salem, Montego Bay | Phone | (876)-908-5463/(876) 952-5100
  2. Gwest Medical Hospital (private) - Address: Lot 6 crane blvd Fairview, Montego Bay | Phone: (876) 618-4937
  3. Hospiten Montego Bay (private) - Address: Spring Estate, 2520 Half Moon, Montego Bay | Phone: (876) 918-4455
  4. Baywest Wellness Hospital (private) - Address: Half Moon Shopping Village, Montego Bay | Phone: 876-615-8375

Hospitals In Montego Bay

Saint Ann Parish

  1. St. Ann's Bay Hospital - Address: Seville Road, St. Ann | Phone: 876-972-2272 / 876-972-2273

Saint Elizabeth Parish

  1. Black River Hospital - Address: High Street, Black River | Phone: 876-965-2712 /876-965-9173

Trelawny Parish

  1. Falmouth Public General Hospital - Address: Rodney Street, Falmouth | Phone: 954-3255-50 Fax: 952-4149


  1. Royale Medical Centre (Private) - Address: 10 Lewis St, Savanna la Mar | Phone: (876) 955-3154
  2. Savanna-la Mar Public Hospital - Address: Barracks Rd., Savanna-lar-mar, Westmoreland | Phone: (876) 955-2533


  1. Noel Holmes Hospital - Address: Lucea, Hanover Parish Jamaica | Phone (876) 956-2540

Saint Thomas

  1. Princess Margaret Hospital - Address: 54 Lyssons Road, Morant Bay, St. Thomas | Phone: (876) 982-2304


  1. May Pen Hospital - Address: Manchester Avenue, May Pen, Clarendon | Phone: 876-908-5471


  1. Hargreaves Hospital (Private) - Address: 32 Hargreaves Ave., Mandeville | Phone: (876) 961-1589
  2. Mandeville Regional Hospital - Address: Hargreaves Avenue, Mandeville | Phone: 876-962-6479

Saint Catherine

  1. Linstead Hospital - Address: Rodney Hall Road, St. Catherine | Phone: (876)-985-2359
  2. Spanish Town Hospital - Address: Burke Road, Spanish Town St. Catherine | Phone:(876) 984-3031

What is the biggest hospital in Jamaica?

The largest hospital in Jamaica is the University Hospital of the West Indies, UHWI. Not only is it the largest hospital in Jamaica, but it is also the largest teaching hospital in the Caribbean Region.

What are the major hospitals in Jamaica?

The major hospitals in Jamaica are the University Hospital of the West Indies, the Bustamante Hospital for Children, Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH) and Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Of the five major hospitals, only one is located outside of Kingston and that is the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay. As the name suggests, the Bustamante Hospital for Children only tends to pediatric care. Victoria Jubilee Hospital is the largest maternity hospital in the region and the Kingston Public hospital is the oldest public hospital in Jamaica.

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Hospitals In Jamaica | Written: November 25, 2022

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