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How much does it cost to import a car to Jamaica?

How much does it cost to import a car to Jamaica?

RESPONSE: by Wellesley

The cost to import a car to Jamaica varies greatly, depending on a number of factors. I'll now break it down for you so you have a better, much more solid idea of what you expect the cost to be.

Let me throw in some variables here:

  • If you are importing a Toyota Voxy with a CC rating of 1986 from Japan
  • You are importing as an INDIVIDUAL meaning, not as a DEALER
  • It will be for personal use
  • & the Total Cost at source (CIF) is $6,000 USD
  • .... Then expect to pay 4,080 USD as the aggregate import duty!

Your total vehicle base cost would then be $6,000+4,080=$10,080 USD

How exactly was that arrived (calculated)?

Customs takes the CIF value of the vehicle and use it to calculate the fees and duties, which includes...

  • The appropriate import duty rate
  • The appropriate SCT rate,
  • And the standard GCT (General Consumption Tax) rate of 16.5%

They use those to arrive at what is called an aggregate rate which includes all the base rates above.

In the case of the above vehicle, the aggregate rate was 68%. This was based on the cc rating (engine), the type (eg. car vs truck) as well as the use (eg. private versus public use).

Below is a copy of a snippet of the rate sheet from Jamaica Customs website.

To get the full copy of their latest rate sheet for INDIVIDUAL Importers, Click Here.


  1. There is also a customs administrative fee, which was, at the time of writing, $64,075 JMD for new vehicles and $66,987.50 JMD for old vehicles, for Individual Imports.

    Remember that this will be charged as an ADDITION to the above costs.

    For Motor Vehicle Dealers, that administrative fee was $55,000 JMD for new, and $69,862.50 JMD for old vehicles.

  2. The Jamaican government also provide concessions for special categories of persons.

    Who qualify for these concessions?

    These include returning residents and some categories of government workers.

And Before You Go.

Requirements To Import a vehicle in Jamaica

Note that the following documents are required to import a vehicle in Jamaica

  • Import licence (from the Jamaica Trade Board):
  • A Copy of Title
  • Bill of Lading/Order:
  • An Invoice
  • Bill of Sight
  • Tax Compliance (TCC) &
  • a Simplified Administrative Document

Note also that there are limitations to importing a vehicle in Jamaica based on its age. This age limit considers the type of vehicles eg. cars vs trucks, the cc rating as well as the capacity - seating or cargo.

To learn more about the requirements to import as well as the age limits, visit the Jamaica Customs vehicle importation guideline page here.

In Summary

All things been equal, it is much, much cheaper to import a vehicle in Jamaica than to purchase one on the car mart here. That said, many persons prefer the convenience of buy on the local mart. If you are looking to buy on the local market there are several top car dealers here to consider.

You may also consider buying a vehicle via a local online car agency. You can learn more about one of the most popular in Jamaica on this page.

I hope this helps.


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