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First and foremost, please pardon my spelling. The word is actually Jamaica, but I recognized that quite a lot of persons are searching for information on the island using that so I am helping them out - chances are that's how you got here right?

Never mind.

Anyways, As you will see (if not already from other pages), I am very passionate about my country. Despite our problems I feel very blessed to be born and raised here.

According to the author Alice Lane,

'Jamaica is world-famous for its pristine silver beaches which are lapped by the soft waves of its turquoise sea; its verdant plains rising to spectacular mountain scenery; and the hypnotizing rhythms of its Reggae beat. Jamaica is a lush playground in the tropics where the fun never ends! The variegated culture of Jamaica makes for a lively and colorful atmosphere.'

She continued by saying that 'Jamaica possesses one of the most varied and stunning landscapes of any Caribbean island, with its springs, streams, rivers and waterfalls flowing from the forested mountains, down through fertile farm country, to the white sandy beaches and the sea. Visitors to Jamaica can enjoy waterfall climbing, river rafting, and horseback riding as well as beachcombing and swaying in a hammock.'

'Montego Bay, on Jamaica's northwest coast, lies between mountain jungles and is surrounded by miles and miles of tropical beach. Most visitors to Jamaica land here before going on to other destinations.

Mobay, as it is known, has some great beaches, restaurants, bars, and a lively night life. There are endless activities to be enjoyed in this big city by the sea.

Ocho Rios is the main port catering to cruise ships, and also offers something for every taste, from beach activities to polo or golf, from shopping to climbing the world-renowned Dunns River Falls.

Negril is famous for its 7 mile long beach beneath rocky cliffs, for its beautiful sunsets, and for the luxurious all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. If you are looking for the supreme spot to party on the beach then Negril is the place!'

Another writer, Patricia Clarke, stated that 'There are many reasons the Caribbean island of Jamaica remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.The warm tropical climate, beautiful beaches and the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Jamaican people are all reasons that I return time and time again'....'Jamaica has much to offer. You will find beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains and a wide variety of attractions and activities.'

As your read through the pages on this website, you will feel and share my passion, and hopefully fall in love with our beautiful island.

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